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Random Ideas for the Week 22 Oct 07

Chris Vallance | 12:26 UK time, Monday, 22 October 2007

Rough Notes for 22 Oct 07. This section is our virtual journalists' notepad. It’s the place where we sketch out our initial thoughts and set down random ideas and rough jottings for Saturday’s programme. We'll tear off a new sheet of internet paper at the start of every week and we invite you to scrawl your thoughts in the comments.

Stories catching our attention this week:

mark_55.jpgMarc: Have you ever wondered if your taste in books is shared by others? Literature-map.com could have the answer. Submit an author's name and the site will suggest other authors you might like. We hope to hear from the team behind the website and ask a blogging Professor of English Literature if these recommendations really work.

Another blog that's caught my eye lately is Running from camera. Set up by a Dutchman, this blog does exactly what it says on the tin. He sets the camera's self-timer to two seconds, pushes the button and then tries to get as far from the camera as he can.

chris_55.jpg Chris: I'm interested in how Kurdish and Turkish bloggers view the latest crisis embroiling the two peoples. Blogs can be an effective way of finding first person accounts of life in troubled parts of the world. If you've read a good blog from the region (or are writing one) please drop me a line or leave a comment.

george_55.jpg George: I'll be at the Virtual Worlds Forum in London on Wednesday 24 Oct. There's an interesting lineup of people discussing the future of 'the metaverse', with representatives from Second Life, World of Warcraft and the British and Chinese governments. We'll collar some of them and look for stories to bring back to the real world.

jenny_55.jpgJenny: I'm interested in why we still opt for euphemisms when writing our blogs? And I've been reading the Mental Nurse blog and thinking how iPM can cover some of the online discussions about our mental health. There's a lot of powerful and moving writing on the web on this subject.

If you've a thought about these or other stories you'd like us to cover, email ipm or leave a note in the comments. View our del.icio.us links to see the pages that have caught our attention:

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