Chuck Ragan is a man who has really lived a life on the road, he's toured relentlessly for the best part of two decades with Californian melodic hardcore pioneers Hot Water Music, as a solo artists and currently out with his own collaborative folk-punk show, The Revival Tour. Through his lyrics and gruff tones he's inspired countless artists, not least Frank Turner, who sites him as a hero. He couldn't be better placed to advise on touring, and seeing as this blog is about helping aspiring artists out, I wanted to hear his advice for acts looking to get on the road for the first time, so for starters, I asked him about his first time out on the road...

Chuck Ragan on his first tour

... so maybe tip number one is, make sure you have a home to come back to! Chuck then went on to chat about the personal strain touring, and just being in a band can have on friendships, families and partners back home, chatting about how his lady really was a source of strength on some grueling tours. A thing to bare in mind when the possibility of a tour is on the horizon, it's going to affect a lot of your life if it's a big one, luckily the UK isn't quite like trying to embark on a 52-state roadtrip but still, wise words. 

Chuck has just brought out a book called 'The Road Most Traveled', a collection of stories from a huge range of artists who've spend a good chunk of their lives on the road. Here's Chuck on a recurring theme which keeps coming up throughout the book...

Chuck Ragan's touring advice: Be nice

Amazing, I couldn't agree more - JUST BE NICE. There's something to keep in mind - whither it's the megastar act you might be supporting, the audio tech, a tipsy punter or your own traveling party - just be nice, I love that advice, simple, but often overlooked. 

Vocalists! Listen up!!! Chuck has got one of the most distinctive voices, but that could have all changed if he had continued down the path touring was taking him early on...

Chuck Ragan on maintaining his vocal

Need I say more...

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