In session for BBC Radio Scotland: Siobhan Wilson


It's a hard task to stand out in a crowd of any kind, but the world of singer-songwriters is more swamped than most. There are literally thousands of talented young men and women with a guitar in hand and a clutch of heart-felt songs to unleash on the general public. But when you discover someone with genuine talent in the quagmire, it's always exciting and somewhat gratifying. I'm delighted to say that Elgin born and bred songbird Siobhan Wilson has the full package - a smooth, controlled and yet passionate voice; personal, touching lyrics; and swoonsome, jazz-inflected melodies in abundance.

Siobhan Wilson - All Dressed Up

Having stumbled across her debut Glorifying Demons EP on Bandcamp in 2012 and played a few tracks, I was smitten immediately and desperate to get her into the studio to play live! Here was someone who sounded mature and world-weary one minute, then innocent and fragile the next. Having spent a few years living in France, and signing a small record deal there, she also has the ability to bring a bilingual edge to her songs, adding mystery and elegance.

Siobhan Wilson - Moon River

For her BBC Introducing session, she brought a friend and accomplice in the shape of Gordon Skene, a multi-instrumentalist you may recognise from Frightened Rabbit and The Moth & the Mirror. Playing 2 songs from the aforementioned EP and a stunning cover of the iconic Moon River, it was one of the finest sessions we've ever had on the programme and showcases a serious talent in bloom. With some cheeky chat, a sense of humour, true honesty and that coy smile; and it's impossible not to fall for her and her songs. Watch these videos, listen and then feel your heart melt... Thank you Siobhan!

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