Past, Present and Future with Theo Bass

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Day four of our Past, Present and Future posts has come round quick. Feel free to look back at previous posts by Glitches, Winterfalle and Jay Brown here but today is all about Theo Bass, an electro-producer who has only recently been introduced to our team in Oxford. Here he talks about slotting back into a band and what he has in store for 2014.

How have you been involved with BBC Introducing in 2013? I sent my tracks in via the Uploader. I live round the corner so I went in and did a brief intro for one of my songs, and met Dave and Liz at BBC Oxford. I really appreciate them giving my music some airtime. 

Highlight of the year? Playing in a band again. I did a couple of laptop shows but it wasn't the same.. just too lonely. We love doing the songs live as well, it adds a whole new dimension.  

Tell us your three favourite ways to connect with fans, new and old: I like talking to people in person who have enjoyed the music. I can't say I've thought about fans yet though. To date we've only played two shows. Let's hope I can answer this question better in a few months. 

What is the biggest challenge facing you in 2014: To actually finish songs and release them. Right now I have an album's worth of music, but I tend to stop working on them right before they're completely finished. Then they sit on my hard-drive for months, being continually tweaked but never finished. 

Tell us something that will trend in 2014: More generally, i'll be looking out for a new Panda Bear album.. a new tUnE-yArDs album.. a new Caribou album? any combination of these will make me happy. 

Give us a New Year’s Resolution: To play more shows at venues that have progressively bigger sound-systems. We like to play loud at times.

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