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JP's Underground Tracks of The Month

BBC Introducing Scotland's Ally McCrae gets the low down from Joseph JP Patterson, as he reveals his latest top three underground tracks of the month.

3. Trauma – Go DJ


I had to come with something aggressive to start off with this month, and my third track of the month is definitely that. Birmingham-based Trauma is an MC who has been in my top three before with Light It Up, but he didn’t only light this track up – he blew it up! The aggressive delivery over the heavy bassline won me over. Screwface vibes!

2. Vader – Sort It Out

My second track of the month comes from another Birmingham MC, and he goes by the name of Vader. Now, Vader has only recently recovered from a brain haemorrhage – it was looking bleak for him a little while ago – but he’s pulled through and is totally committed to the music again. This track comes from his free mixtape, Road To Recovery, and it’s basically about how everyone in the scene should just leave all the beef to one side and unite, because the scene would be much bigger and stronger if everyone got along. He talks a lot of sense on this one.

1. TRACK OF THE MONTH: Russo Feat. Scrufizzer – Laters I’m Off

My number one track of the month comes from a singer, who I’m loving at the moment, and her name is Russo. I recently wrote about Russo for NME Magazine and said that she reminded me of Lily Allen in her early days, simply because she's got that rude girl attitude and she's just a little bit ghetto with it, and I love everything about that! The dub-pop track is produced by Yo Video and features non-other-than grime spitter of the moment, Scrufizzer – making this an overall treat for the ears. Mark my words, these guys are going to be HUGE next year!


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