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JP's Underground Tracks of the Month

JP was back on Ally McCrae's BBC Introducing in Scotland show last night. Here are his latest underground tracks of the month...

3. Scrufizzer – Hoody

This month is a new wave of grime special. My third place track of the month comes from a grime MC who goes by the name of Scrufizzer. He sent me this track a couple of weeks ago and I caught a vibe from it straight away, the way he attacked the hard-hitting beat with his skippy flow, it really impressed me.
These new wave MCs are bringing back that raw grime sound, something that’s been missing for a little while now. They’re taking over at the moment.

2. Rival – Lock Off The Rave

If you liked the last track, then you’re going to love this one. Rival is an MC who has possibly the angriest flow out of all of the new wave MCs, and when it comes to grime, the angrier the flow, the better! Well, I think so, anyway. He's done some damage to this Darq E Freaker remix, that's for sure.

1. TRACK OF THE MONTH: Infa Feat. Marger & Delusion - Lock Off The Party

My number one track of the month comes from MCs Infa, Marger and Delusion, with their track - Lock Off The Party. Infa and Delusion have been doing their thing for a little while now, but they decided to bring in some new blood and fresh energy with Marger. Like my last track, this is also produced by Darq E Freaker and he’s definitely one to watch on the production front. I like to call him the Labrinth of grime, just because he isn’t afraid to make music that sounds a bit weird and out there. He isn't your typical grime producer.

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SCOTTISH TRACK OF THE MONTH: Madhat Feat. No Lay – Where You At

Madhat, I salute you for allowing one of the best female grime MCs to bless your track with her presence. The way that No Lay opened Where You At, she set it up nicely for Madhat to go in and do his thing. He delivered!

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