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Tom's Website of the Week: Elance.com

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Tom Robinson - 6 Music | 12:05 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009

For the last couple of years, Tom Robinson and his crew at 6 Music have been trawling the web looking for music-related sites capable of making your life just that little bit better, easier, or more entertaining.

Tom Robinson

It's no easy task; a quick Google for the term 'helpful sites for unsigned artists' returns and eye-watering 2 million results. Gulp. And still, Tom and team continue in their mission to bring you news of a genuinely useful website every week on his show. Hats off to you, Tom.

To make sure Tom's suggestions reach as many people as possible, we've asked him to write us a little post about his chosen site every week. So, if you're making music of your own, or just like to indulge in a bit of web geekery from time to time, be sure to you check back here every Monday for his Website of the Week.

Now, over to Tom with this week's pick: Elance.com



Sooner or later the day comes when we decide to move up from a basic MySpace or Facebook page to a professionally designed website. And that's the day we discover that the world of web design contains just as many sharks and charlatans ready to prey on the unwary as the music industry itself. That's where our Website Of The Week comes in.


Elance.com is a global marketplace where you can hire, manage and pay experts to do almost any job imaginable in the online environment - whether you're looking for CSS experts, Flash developers, scripting specialists - or simply someone to set you up with a basic pain-free webpage at the most competitive rate on the planet.

You post a job, however small, and contractors from Bangalore to Baltimore will make competitive bids to do it for you. You review their CVs and previous work, pick your professional, agree a fee and pay it to Elance. 

Under their so-called escrow system, they hold it in trust till you're 100% happy with the finished job - and only then release it to the contractor. You can be sure the work will be done to your satisfaction - while the person doing it can be sure they're going to get paid.

It's one of the simplest ways we've seen of getting difficult work done at reasonable rates - though of course if you know of others, we'd love to hear about them, too (you can post your suggestions in the comments section below). Meanwhile, elance.com is our new and highly deserving BBC Introducing Website of the Week.


You'll find an archive of Tom's past Websites of the Week selections on his 6 Music site


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