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Backstage with Bethan Elfyn...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 16:48 UK time, Sunday, 29 June 2008

Wow - sunshine at Glastonbury festival shocker! Yes, it's the last day of Glastonbury today, and while I wait for the excitement to kick off, thought I'd write a few words on yesterday's entertainment....


My day kicked off with the Welsh legend Shakin' Stevens, who got a weary bleary crowd rockin' and rollin' out of hot musty tents. Shakey was the first artist I ever bought, on cassette album, so it was a dream come true for me yesterday! Was there really a person in the crowd with a big Green Door - please say it was so!!!! From The Pyramid, I moved on to see Los Campesinos on the Other Stage, who looked like a bunch of naughty lost children on the stage, stomping their way through what is fast becoming a greatest hits set - My life in Lists, Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks, You Me Dancing, The Internation Tweecore and so on... and it was delightful to see singer Gareth jump into the crowd for the last track, and clamber back up to the big stage quite swiftly - a task that threw Yanus from Foals on Friday apparently! That would be a bit embarrassing wouldn't it, to end a set with your legs dangling off the stage!

Next up, I headed up to the Park to catch a magic solo set by Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly! and meet his Dad who was in the audience! He played a new song, which sounded stunning, and involved getting the usual hardcore Get Cape fans to sing their choir like backin' vocals. This unnamed track was one of the highlights of the set for me. Get Cape, The Ting Tings and Wombats are the biggest Introducing success stories and it was good to see Sam come back to his roots to officially launch the Intro line up for the afternoon.

The Introducing shows are one big BBC democracy - with radio shows all over the UK voting and nominating bands for the stage, so it was a big thrill for me to see so many Welsh names on the bill! Starting with (BBC Radio Cymru nominated) Georgia Ruth from Aberystwyth who was certainly a refreshing change from the constant stream of boy rock, and embodied the true spirit of Glastonbury with her delicate soulful voice and gentle harp plucking. She has an honest voice that lacked any pretention.

Next up were Los Camp friends and Cardiff band, Picture Books in Winter, who by the end of their set resembled a crazed, intense Radiohead at their most fun, with singer Will throwing frantic body spasms on the drum riser to set closer and live highlight, Horizontally! I am Champion. They played hard, got a good sweat on, gave it their all, and were definitely one of my highlights of the day.

As well as a DJ dressed all in Silver and silver gimp mask (ulp!!!!) a very, very confident and lively Ghetto - who were Jay Z like in stature and self belief - two more bands from the Intro line up were a delight to watch. Firstly, Jonquil from Oxfordshire, were a tranquil but soaring Elbow-like influence on the afternoon, mixing an eclectic amount of influences from country, alt, indie, and most importantly songs, songs, songs. Then, an energetic, Fratellis-like penchant for catchy, jumpy, 'oi oi' choruses came from Norfolk's Kabeedies, who are part punk band The Slits and part Futureheads. Well wicked basically and they really should be HUUUUUUGE in the future, and if they're not, there's no justice in the world!

The rest of my evening involved trying to find little mini adventures around the site, and lots of walking to get a taste of this and taste of that, Manu Chao, Elbow, Hot Chip, Jay Z, CSS, Massive Attack, and I was chuffed to stumble across Introducing favourites Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds playing at a random cast iron barbeque bar being watched by people dressed as Tigers. Now that's what I call a festival vibe!


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