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Saucy 'n' Dodgy - LIVE!

Andrew Marston | 11:52 UK time, Monday, 12 November 2007

Ten years after their hit singles 'If You're Thinking Of Me', 'Staying Out For The Summer' and 'Good Enough', the 90's Brit-pop trio Dodgy were due to hit the road for a full UK comeback tour, this week.
Unfortunately, Andy (the guitarist) hit the floor instead, breaking his arm after falling out of bed!
So the tour's off - but not completely - as we found out when we caught up with lead singer, Nigel Clark on this week's Friday Session Introducing...

Read more about the story on BBC 6 Music's website.
If you're into your dance music, by the way, check out the new remix of 'Good Enough' at myspace.com/sunshinefeelgood

Nigel Clark

Not just sauce

If you thought the only thing to ever come out of Worcestershire was a certain brand of sauce, then think again!
The county's sprinkled (or even drowned) in amazing talent - and one man who works for the factory that makes your cheese on toast taste rather different, has set up a brand new website to compliment notjustsauce.co.uk
He's now running the site worcestermusicforum.co.uk - so if you fancy talking music in Worcestershire, then do get involved!

Worcestershire Sauce

Live music in Stourport?

The Worcestershire town has been fairly quiet on the music scene - until now!
But instead of a pub or a club opening their doors to live music, a local church has decided to.
St Michael and All Angels has the backing of a BBC live music engineer, a record company A&R scout, and quite a few decent musicians, it seems.
It all begins this Thursday and will take place four times a year (but more if it's a success!).

Live music

Oh, and if you're sitting in front of your computer right now and your speakers are doing nothing at all - then why not treat yourself to a bit of live music - without having to pick up the phone, find out who's free, worry about your hair, what clothes you're going to put on, etc - check out this week's Friday Session Introducing... with live music from the Evesham band The Irony.
See, we look after you here at the BBC - it's free to listen - and you're free to listen in your car, in your bedroom, your kitchen, in the shower, and even in your pyjamas if you want - it's all down to the unique way we're funded! lol

The Irony


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