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Week 2 for the Notorious V.I.C.

Vic Galloway | 15:08 UK time, Thursday, 23 November 2006

Yep, it's been an absolute joy sitting in for Huw again this week and hopefully you've enjoyed some of the underground and unsigned gems I've played you. Seems like Candy Thief http://www.candythief.com went down well, as did Oi Polloi http://www.myspace.com/oipolloialba for the punks; Popup http://www.popuptheband.com and Clean George IV http://www.myspace.com/cleangeorgeiv for the Indie kids; and Kling Klang http://www.klingklang.co.uk for the noisy experimentalists out there!!! It's always good to hear your opinions, whether positive or negative, about a track or 2 and we love texts and emails live on the show too. It can get a wee bit lonely between midnight and 2am so the more 'love' the better!

Emily, our tipster from Glasgow, was on fine form and let us know about all sorts of things up here... so if you're ever in this neck of the woods, why not pop into 'Art of Parties' or 'Guns 'n' Horses' club nights or check some Haunted House, Dirty Hospital and Take a worm for a walk week when they play live. Of course you can listen to the whole show again for a whole week, if you so desire, and catch up on this first hand.

For all of you twisted souls out there (myself included) who love the Tall Pony track 'I'm your boyfriend now', they have a limited edition CD (3 tracks including "I'm Your Boyfriend Now") available now. It's £4.35 including postage and packing through PayPal using their email address tall_pony@mac.com You know you want it in your life!!

Well, Huw is back again in action next week, so I'll bid y'all farewell and see you anon. Remember you can catch my weekly BBC Radio 1 show on Thursdays at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/vicgalloway ; my weekly BBC Radio Scotland show on Mondays at http://www.bbc.co.uk/vicgalloway ; and always check my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/vicgallowayr1 or email at the beeb on vic@bbc.co.uk

Thanks for listening as ever.


Vic xxx


  1. At 01:46 PM on 24 Nov 2006, Jack O'Lantern wrote:

    Oh dear, Bethan and Ritchie Hawkins have obviously gotten to you too - Evils (Bethan Elfyn Records) get more airplay! I wonder why? How much money is she getting through PRS I wonder? I thought a public broadcaster would be above this sort of blatant conflict of interests. Imagine any other company having direct access to such free publicity for their products. Who needs an advertising budget when they have a national radio show paid for by my licence fee. The BBC have hit a new low :o(

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