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Iceland; Hot!

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 14:11 UK time, Monday, 23 October 2006

I did indeed go to Iceland at the end of last week (no, not the shop old joke fans:) )
It was for the Airwaves festival, which was great, a sort of In the City with a whole heap of Icelandic bands (everyone in Iceland seems to be in a band - they're a talented lot), and there were loads of great new bands playing, as well as non Icelandic bands like Hot Club de Paris, Klaxons, We are Scientists and Tily and the Wall.

If you ever find yourself in Reyjkazik, get yourselves to the 12 Tonar record shop (also a brilliant label) and Smekkleysa, a label also who still release Bjork and Sigur Ros' records in Iceland. Everyone I met was friendly, cold and into good music. The venues every night were packed...

I saw some country pop from Mugsefun and one of the best things I witnssed was a gig by Red Stefjon, an eight piece young band with god tunes, bit of hip hop and lots of Icelandic lyrics, as you'd expect. I hope I come across them again sometime.
At a venue called Pradva, a band called Raychem are ace. Short n mental casio keyboard punk is played stopping and starting and going on computer game voyages round the Icelandic sea. They're
dressed as sea captains too, and seem to be about 12.

Saw American duo Mates of State in the art gallery at the Moshi Moshi night - technicolour pop and a
cover of Gnarls Barkley, so well done so that I didn't realise it was Crazy for a bit.
Over at Gaukurrin My Summer as a Salvation Solider were gloomy winter rock at it's best. they're on that 12 Tonar label too. And then Eberg, with his broken beat pop, doing Love your Bum, Inside your Head and Moving to
Wales was nice and warm.

it's a beautiful country, I saw Geysers and the most incredible waterfall I've ever seen, the Blue Lagoon and loads of great new music. Glad I took that scarf with me though..


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