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Sonar and TOTP...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 18:08 UK time, Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Hola atcha...

A sad day today, with the news that Top of the Pops is coming to an end. Last one will be on telly in July. I know because I heard it on the news. Expect nostalgic features in all music magazines, broadsheets and, erm, here. My favourite Top of the Pops moments are;

Flaming Lips with Justin Timberlake dressed as an animal of the sea...
Super Furry Animals performing on it for the first time...
Divine Comedy onstage with lots of big summer flowers...
Mark and Lard and Harry Hill as presenters - now you're talking:)...
All those old clips from yesteryear with John Peel and Janice Long, Noel Edmonds and Jimmy Saville hosting the show - it was all so simple back then etc etc...

Back from Sonar and a short break with my girlfiend after it (I actually went in the sea yesterday, a sigh to behold I can assure you) and had a lovely time. Listen in tonight for an hour of Live music highlights from the 13th Sonar Festival, with Kapital Band 1, Mwessle and loads more. bought a fair few records yesterday too in the winding streets of Barcelona, so expect some Chinese Dub and Bass, a few grimy Catalonian messed up bits and a band called I'm From Barcelona...

see youse tonight, 11pm!


  1. At 08:04 PM on 20 Jun 2006, codex wrote:

    ...and Richard Blackwood's face when Fischerspooner appeared on TOTP. A sight to behold!

  2. At 12:19 PM on 21 Jun 2006, Phil_Stressed wrote:

    mine is Nirvana miming Smells Like Teen Spirt, they made it into a joke, really funny.

  3. At 01:37 PM on 27 Jun 2006, Cool Noise wrote:

    I remember Marc Bolan in 1970 with the guitar lead tucked into his back pocket - it wasn't just the sun that shone out of his...

  4. At 06:53 PM on 30 Jun 2006, jenna appleseed wrote:

    today's a sad day too, looks like onemusic is going to be joining totp in September - going to really miss listening to you and Rob

  5. At 01:15 PM on 27 Jul 2006, Colette wrote:

    My earliest memory of TOTP was when The Spice Girls first performed on it
    with Wannabe that was the first ever episode of TOTP that I ever watched I was 9 years old at the time but my
    favourite peformance on TOTP was when westlife performed their first ever single on the show.

  6. At 07:34 PM on 30 Jul 2006, $1 wrote:

    The last TOTP was as bad as the idea of having a last TOTP. The show was killed by producers with no concept. Popular music is one of the few things this country does well, now thanks to the current BBC mob they'll be no exposure for any new music on mainsteam TV. Death by a thousand cut-backs to Andy Peters, michael grade et all!
    Simon - The Popin'Shop of Pop', London

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