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Rob Da Bank | 09:48 UK time, Thursday, 1 June 2006

Thanks to the good people of Newcastle who came to see us DJ on sunday... You never know what to expect from a da Bank set 'cos I dont normally remember what records I've packed! But seemed to do the trick!

Tonight it's all about festivals - we've got live(ish) music from ATP from The Black Keys, the nutters Lightning Bolt and Electrelane plus a Not So Secret Now Secret on underground festivals happening this year... So if you know of one or are running on email me at onemusic@bbc.co.uk and we'll include you in our mini guide!

This weekend on the Blue Room I'm doing a transcendental meditation soundtrack for anyone feeling a bit jaded as we reach the halfway point of the year... Don't listen to it while driving a combine harvester or using a drill - I wont be responsible for you dozing off on the job.

Listen in my good people and see you on the other side...


  1. At 10:55 PM on 12 Jun 2006, James Burke wrote:

    Hi Rob,

    Need details of a recent tune you played called 'Wishbone' by 'Subtle'. can you give me any other details because it has been ringing in my head in the West of Ireland for the last 10 days. I think you played it on your shows 1st and 3rd June. My World Cup Tune!


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