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Arlo alarm clock

Rob Da Bank | 07:44 UK time, Tuesday, 6 June 2006

'Ahh the little cutie' say all the girls when they see da Bank junior (well what did they expect as the fruit of my loins!?).

Well come over at 6am every morning ladies when he's screaming the house down til I get up looking like wurzel gummidge and walk him round the house showing him the sights and sounds for the umpteenth time... Anyway he's started smiling gummily and I'm sure he said hello the other day, or it could have been pass the ketchup!

Went to see Jim Noir and Fields last night at London's tiny Spitz venue. Jim Noir and his band looked the part - like Clockwork Orange meets the Small Faces with bowler hats and enormous roman centurion sideburns. Sadly their tuning wasn't quite as natty, but I put it down to the sound system and nerves... and out of tuneness! and I still love em!

Fields are my new favourite guitar band - the second time I've seen them this year and they were on fire! A heady mix of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Led Zep and... umm... pastoral folk, played on your usual geetars and then up pops an accordion! Yup it's a right old mash up but really works. Recently signed to Atlantic these guys and gals are gonna be mega, I think their MySpace has 4 tracks on there so check 'em!

Oh, and tune in thursday... or else.


  1. At 08:37 AM on 06 Jun 2006, elliott wrote:

    Blimey your up early for a Tuesday (6 Jun 06, 07:44 AM)

    BTW looking forward to Thursday

  2. At 02:52 PM on 18 Oct 2006, thomson wrote:

    ionolsen21 I just don not have anything to say right now.

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