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Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 14:16 UK time, Friday, 28 April 2006

While Beth was flying solo on the show last night with an exclusive chat with Lostprophets and a live track too ( click here to listen again )Annie Mac and me battled it out (in a nice way) with the Celtic mixtape, with Irish and Welsh tunes aplenty - it was a lot of fun and the music was all over the place genre weise - it's what it's all about! Hear it again here.

I'm back in for Zane on this coming Bank Holiday Monday, while Annie is in Coachella, the lucky dabber!

Got back to Cardiff this morning and left a bag with all my newly purchased records, a few ace albums and the new Scott Walker LP on the train. I panicked and ran (actually ran - first time in ages, quite a strange sensation) back to the platform.

Train was gone.

Wrong platform.

Ran to other platform. Could see bag.

Train was locked. Train was about to leave.

Train man opens train, bag is retrieved.



Rob Da Bank | 10:12 UK time, Thursday, 27 April 2006

what am i playing at? the beeb set us up a spankin new blog and i miss two days...apologies back now..

been changing nappies, finally named our son Arlo (all complaints on a postcard to usual address please) and attempting the impossibel by listening to all the records sat in front of me..

the good news is its another bank holiday in the good old UK and so we get to drink beer and watch tv even more

things to check in the next 2 days:

1) one music tonight with me..yes indeed...and le volume courbe in session - this lady has a beautiful voice! and a Not So Secret Now Secret involving the shortest records ever..and lots of them! from 100pm on wonderful radio 1

2) if youre in the london area 2moro come to my Folk Off! launch party - new folk comp ive done with best of new folk and psychedelia from both sides of the atlantic... barabarossa, the hat and magnetophone playing

3) then at 5am on saturday morning after 15 pints of strong ale and a kebab rouse yourself and listen to The Blue Room with a tip top ambient mix from Mixmaster Morris - yessirree

4) Bank Holiday Blue Room bonanza on monday morning too.. 4-7am me and sir chris of coco on the wheels of steel..

be there


De La Ros...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 00:02 UK time, Thursday, 27 April 2006

just got back from watching the legendary De la Soul at the Jazz Cafe in Camden. Never been to the venue before, and it's a nice size and a great atmosphere there. De La, the legendary De La, were ace - never seen them before. They did some classics, some I didn't know, and were heavy on the crowd participation which I was well into!
a beatboxer before them was amazing, and their digs at all the people eating in the balcony kept me entertained!

Listen again to me and Annie Mac doing Zane's show from Wednesday evening - Sigur Ros session tracks were sublime. That they're finally being uncovered by a huge audience is total justice for a band who richly deserve to be recognised as an incredibly special one by the world at large!

and now, sleep:)


Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 16:18 UK time, Wednesday, 26 April 2006

In Radio 1 session news, the Jim Noir session was bonza last night, and Annie Mac and me have Sigur Ros in sesison tonight on Zane's show from 7pm!

I've just got back from record shopping down the winding streets of London. I get a lot of guitar records sent me, which is ace, but for djing purposes and to put some beats on the show, I was out to get some electronic tunes!

Was within my budget, and I got new Venetian Snares vs Bong Ra, a Bloc Party remix thing, a Beastie boys bootleg, an Edwyn Collins (who'd have thunk it?) remix, a Twisted Indiviual drum and bass ace track on his Grid label, a Bearsuit 7", the Lilly Allen &" (incredibly summery and popular on myspace) and a Flaming Lips picture disc!

Also, a Television Personalities album, Closer to God. The band are back with a new album on the Domino label, and are playing the Green man Festival this year. Check out a great article on them in the current issue of Plan B magazine (the one with YYY's on the cover)


jose vs hip hop

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 14:48 UK time, Tuesday, 25 April 2006

and after opening the aforementioned postbag, lots of amazing music falls out of it, some of which you can hear on the OneMusic show tonight from 11pm on Radio 1, as well as a session by the Tower of Love man Jim Noir.
The postbag included Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, 9 tracks of ace mixes by a guy called Dert of loads of Jose Gonzalez album tracks, with Common, MF Doom, Nas, Kanye and talib Kweli rapping. it sounds good, and you can check it out here - , if you liek your nice acoustic with your wicked hip hip innit.



go go Jose..

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 11:34 UK time, Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Had a lot of fun with Annie Mac doing Zane's show last night - lots of banging tunes, and the liner-up for One Big Weekend's second stages are all looking amazing. Annie's blogging on her site - check it out here, and help her out with her album sleeve ideas!

After the show I went to meet my mate James who's been off on tour with Art Brut, and is currently practising in a band with a Manic Street Preacher, and we headed to the Hammersmith Apollo to see Jose Gonzalez play. When I was doing a documentary on the Hives in Sweden about two years ago, a record shop I went into recommended I buy his Veneer album and lo and behold it was a work of art. Now it's out in Britain of course, he's had a top ten single and been on Top of the Pops, and the album graces coffe tables everywhere.

His voice was on top form, all understated and never quite giving anything away, and he had two bongo players on stage with him. My friend didn't like the bogno players, and was amazed that Jose could sell out the massive venue. All the covers (The Knife's Heartbeats, Massive Attacks' Teardrop, Kylie's Hand on my Heart) were played in the encore, as well as the new single Crosses, and after loud n busy weekend, it was just the ticket! :)

right - there's a postbag the size of a small North Walian mountain waiting to be opened here. Let me at it!



Rob Da Bank | 18:08 UK time, Monday, 24 April 2006

Worrying formats still flying around out there in music land. Today I've opened 300 odd cds, 7 inches and 12 inches... and someones sent me a cassette.

I'm glad someones still using them but Radio 1 sold their last cassette player to Keith Chegwin at a car booty in 1994 so please dont send in casette tapes.

Or for that matter those mini CDs that don't actually play in most push in cd players - they just go in and refuse to come out like a scared mouse! No amount of cheese waved in front of the cd player will coax the bleeder out.

So da Bank's top 3 tunes of the day for an unseasonably sunny Monday in the UK:

1) Mystery Jets - You Cant Fool Me Dennis (Justice Mix) (679)
Camper than a row of tents but infectious as malaria

2) 586 - We got Bored (Tigertrap)
Long blondes and les incompetents having it off in a pub car park

3) Remute - Emigrate To The Moon (Lado)
German minimal techy gear so you can pretend its still saturday night...

Eberg is an Icelandic God...

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 16:28 UK time, Monday, 24 April 2006


Didn't blog over the weekend, didn't get a chance i'm afraid. To be fair, I was far too glamorous to blog on Saturday cos I was at the Welsh Baftas in Cardiff, playing some tunes while the tuxedo'd folk ate lamb. Big up Paul from legendary Welsh band Y Cyrff and now Y Ffyrc for winning best soundtrack, and Emyr from Ankst, also a wicked label of course, for winning in the best film category. Y Lleill/The Others is a bilingual film about the trials and tribulations of a young band, and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Sunday night I got to finally see OneMusic favourites Hush the Many playing a proper live gig. Soft, chilled and incredibly nice on the ear, they're gigging loads these days. Check for them gigs.

Soft Hearted Scientists make space-age bubble-folk songs, and played a great set, but the night belonged to Richard James. His folk songs are pure and simple, sometimes going off on near-prog country wig outs, and always melodic, beautiful and very special. His Seven Sleepers Den LP is out next week.

Can't believe Rob da Bank's got more friends on myspace on me, the cheeky blighter. I'm going to go adding them friends now, and beat that pesky da Bank. Not that its a competition or anything of course. Maybe Rob can call his son 'Add' ?

Standing in for Zane Lowe tonight with Annie Mac. On air 7-9pm, with Sigur Ros in sesison on Wednesday!!! Tonight, we'll announce the line up of the second stage at One Big Weekend in Dundee.Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!



Rob Da Bank | 18:35 UK time, Sunday, 23 April 2006

i still don t know what my 3 week old son is called

gerald, eric, jimmy jimmy jimmy jim jim da bank are names you suggested on the show on thursday and i dont think any of them are quite right.. hmm puzzling

anyway we have 6 weeks legally until we have to give him his moniker - dont wanna get it wrong now do we!

the only negative thing about having a baby is i cant spend 23.5 hours each day listening to new music (plus 7 minutes eating, 3 minutes washing, ten minutes travelling and ten minutes alternately picking my nose and adding myspace friends)

btw on the subject of myspace and not that its a competition but i have overtaken huw stephens in terms of friends ... im not sure if this is an important milestone in my life or if all 2300 of them would actually like me if they met me but hey ho

anyway back to the baby..hes stopping me listening to as much music which is frustrating but im working on way of making him sleep longer...(keep curtains closed, be quiet as a mouse and plug his ears with popcorn) so i can listen to the bags of mail that are waiting to be given the once over by the da bank earlugs!

right im off to do my regualation 3 press ups before bed but must quickly ask you if you know of any short records..and i mean short! This weeks Not So Secret Now Secret is gonna be all about the shortest records in the world and we've got some corkers so far... check out the messageboard and help us fill half an hour with insanely short tunes...

night night

Greetings and OneMusic

Ras Kwame | 10:58 UK time, Friday, 21 April 2006

This week was Virus Syndicate, puttin' it down for the Wednesday lick.

I like these guys JSD, Nika and Goldfinger, they've got the good old north west, mancurian vibe 'cos three of them come from Manchester.

They spoke about their manor and youngers v. olders and the new rereleased album, plus I love that tune Major List MCs, another bangin' beat from the teams beatmaker and master dubstepper, Mark One.

Worthy of two listen agains!

Next week, it's Terri Walker.


blogs least likely to

Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 00:22 UK time, Friday, 21 April 2006


sat here listening to Rob da Bank's lurvely show tonight with the magnificent TV on the Radio on it of course - good tunes as always!
Mine and Beth's show had a special session from the Hot Puppies tonight - i do like them. Singer Becky has an amazing voice - listen again if you wish to do so - check the Beth and Huw pages on the Rock and Indie site innit. their new single is all about Mariella Fostrup - apparently she really likes it and appears in their new video!

our Radio 1 gig at the Barfly in Cardiff was fun tonight - The Boy Least Likely To were headlining, and have some great melodies and tunes off their The best party ever lp. And they were funny between the songs too. BC Camplight supprted and i caught a few songs, but gutted i missed We Are Trees. Theyre a new band from Caerphilly, a bit outside Cardiff, and their new single is well worth checking out.

played some Phoenix, some Grandaddy even some Architecture in Helsinki afterwards - twee? me? i dont know what youre on about.

Laterz, pussycatsx


Rob Da Bank | 14:19 UK time, Thursday, 20 April 2006

Welcome people to my inaugural blog... Wow... I don't know what to ramble on about for once (thast a first!).

Anyway it's a brand spanking new waxed up and ready to roll service where you can find out our innermost thoughts and dreams in the world of da Bank and OneMusic...

Please do tune in tonight as we have the rather ace TV On The Radio in session and some damn fine electronic and geetar tracks too!

Best let u get on! Til the next time!

da banko


Huw Stephens Huw Stephens | 18:11 UK time, Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Yup yup yup, welcome one and all to the OneMusic blog. I'm Huw, i'm 24, and I'm a radio disc jockey on BBC Radio 1.

I do the Tuesday night OneMusic show, playing music from all over the shop - bands, one man bands, electronic music makers, rappers - as long as its good its on. I play the cream of the crop from the mountains of unsigned music that arrives at Radio 1 HQ and present the Best of Unsigned Podcast that's online to download every Tuesday!

So i'm mega excited about this blogging space. Pretty much everything and anything will go up on here - hope you find it interesting! And please do get in touch with regards to the show - is the email adress, or speak your mind on these pages!

Nice one y'all!


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