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  1. Executive Product Manager

    BBC Weather Watchers: Creating the new crowdsourced weather experience

    Every day we receive bundles of emails, messages and photos about the weather. We try our best to show off users’ photos on the regular website and TV and radio broadcasts, but it’s been great to create a space to make the most of all our users’ content and contributions.

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  2. Executive Product Manager

    It's a still work-in-progress, but is the next step in our plans to move to a fully responsive web solution on mobile, tablet and desktop.

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  3. Executive Product Manager

    One issue coming through loud and clear is that many users on more basic phones are missing the old vertical five-day overview. We're addressing this now and will be reintroducing the overview in the next few weeks.

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    I am well aware there have been some very difficult weather conditions up and down the UK since early December. So it’s humbling to know that so many users have turned to the BBC app for their weather information.

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  5. Senior Designer

    We currently support 438 different screen resolutions on over 1000 Android devices. The key challenge here was to produce a design that scales, rather than bespoke solutions for both iPhone and iPad.

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  6. Executive Product Manager, BBC News Apps & Connected TV

    The biggest change is we’ve introduced the ability to rotate your tablet device to view the app in landscape. This is especially challenging for the multitude of Android Devices...

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  7. Executive Product Manager, BBC News Apps & Connected TV

    Recently I wrote about the launch of the BBC Weather apps for Android and iOS (LINK TO POST) and I’m delighted to announce the app has reached over one million downloads across both platforms within the first two weeks of launch. It’s great to see such a positive response to the app and to reac...

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  8. Executive Product Manager, BBC News Apps & Connected TV

    Today we launch our native mobile apps for Android and iOS. The Android version is now available from the Google Play store and the iOS version is available from the iTunes store. While most users have traditionally visited the BBC Weather site on their desktop, we have seen a huge increase in...

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  9. Head of Product

    I’m Jo Wickremasinghe and I’m Head of product for BBC’s Weather and Travel News. Like many of you I was grappling with ‘snow week’ last week, constantly checking travel and weather updates to see whether my commute – and my carefully laid weekend plans...

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