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  1. Head of UX&D, Children's, BBC Knowledge & Learning

    UX&D: tips and tricks for design research with children

    Design research can feel intimidating for any participant, but when it’s a child, it might be intimidating for the researcher as well!

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  2. User Experience Architect

    Users frequently enter short and vague terms, which are often misspelt. If we could help users enter more accurate search terms then we would be able to give them much more useful and relevant results.

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  3. User Experience Designer

    Hello, I’m Ryan Hope a User Experience Designer in BBC Future Media. I’m delighted to write my first BBC blog post and tell you about a really exciting collaboration that happened earlier this year between BBC User Experience & Design (UX&D) and the Manchester School of Art.

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  4. Senior Designer

    The app importantly had to incorporate everything which Children love about CBeebies, the humour, surprise, and excitement. We also needed to make sure it was scalable for an audience who are driven by image led navigation, and reliant on large hit states.

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  5. User Experience Designer

    Over the last six months, I have been working on some internal systems that the BBC uses for curating and editing some of its content online. Based on this experience, I have realised that a Lean UX approach for a complex media organisation like the BBC can be extremely beneficial.

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  6. Designer

    The brief was to create a responsive UX pattern for searching and setting a ‘preferred’ location across the BBC. We needed a unified UX solution – something that would make the user experience more intuitive and reduce the need to repeat location searches. 

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  7. User Experience Architect

    Each ‘sprint’ focuses on a specific design challenge. And because ‘sprinting’ is so quick, we explore a range of ideas in a relatively short space of time. That's the theory. But like any bit of design thinking, the real insight came from trying it out and testing it in practice.

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  8. Head of UXD

    This is a blog post about the development of the recently launched BBC iWonder brand. It’s about how we took user centred designs, a strong editorial proposition and product leadership and created a brand.

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  9. User Experience Designer

    While positioned in the GEL [http://www.bbc.co.uk/gel] team, I was involved in producing design guidelines to inform our web-based products across the BBC. One such guideline gives recommendations on how to optimise our products for touch input (in simple terms, to make things ‘touch-friendly’).

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