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  1. Executive Product Manager

    Download full radio programmes to listen offline with the BBC iPlayer Radio app

    Today, we launched a major new version of the BBC iPlayer Radio app. This means for the first time, you will be able to download BBC radio programmes in full to your smartphone or tablet, listen to them offline without the need for an internet connection and keep them to enjoy for up to 30 days.

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  2. Senior UX Designer, BBC iPlayer

    BBC iPlayer Mobile Apps:  New navigation released

    We felt strongly that creating a consistent iPlayer navigation pattern across Android and iOS is the right approach, as we know more and more households have both mobile platforms accessing iPlayer; for example many use smart phones along with shared family tablets.

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  3. Senior Product Manager, BBC iPlayer Mobile Apps

    BBC iPlayer Mobile Apps: Reviewing operating system support

    To achieve the user experience and resilience that we all expect, it is crucial to find the right balance between reaching the largest possible audience and the additional complexity of supporting an ever expanding set of devices and operating systems.

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  4. Senior Software Engineer, BBC Children's

    CBeebies Storytime app: Downloadable library gives more choice to kids and parents

    Since it’s release, the original version of Storytime has been downloaded over a million times across iOS, Android and Kindle, and has been used to read millions of stories to some of the youngest members of our audience.

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  5. Head of Sport Interactive

    Discovering the best BBC Sport content

    We’re starting to roll out some changes to the BBC Sport website. I wanted to share a little bit about why we’re doing it, how we’re doing it and what changes you’ll see over the coming weeks and months.

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  6. Head of Product

    New BBC News app on Newswatch

    In the interview I talk about some of the features that we are looking to enhance in response to user feedback.

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  7. Head of Product

    Upcoming changes to BBC News Online

    In December we started inviting users of tablet devices to switch from the existing website to the new responsive solution and their feedback has been very positive.

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  8. Executive Product Manager

    After listening to people using our existing phone app, we know listeners expect a tailored BBC iPlayer Radio app that makes the most out of both the capabilities of and the way that they use their tablet.

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