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  1. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    Social Media - a question of Trust

    The BBC Academy's Social Media Conference hosted a panel debate about Trust in Social Media

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  2. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    Infocalypse Now

    Technology writer Charley Warzel warns of the toxic cocktail of social media and political manipulation.

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  3. Service Development and Delivery Manager

    Archiving the BBC’s website and social media output

    The BBC tries to maintain and keep older pages online for the public to access for as a long as possible (dependant on technology, editorial or copyright reasons). It’s the BBC Archives responsibility to archive copies offline and preserve them.

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  4. Post Production Coordinator, Casualty

    Casualty team tell Robyn’s Story in BBC Taster pilot

    The theme for this Connected Studio brief was 'Smartphone Storytelling’, based on giving audiences a starring role in the form of internet-first ideas that look specifically at participation - the successful concept we developed was for The Casualty Storybook project.

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  5. Assistant Content Producer

    In this film, assistant content producer Steven Green explains how he manages the show’s Twitter account and web pages around the live show, feeding information to detectives working on the cases as well as keeping appeals

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  6. Research Manager

    The ideal would be to evaluate performance across social media, but different services with different functionalities with different ways of measuring make this impractical. Is a Facebook share the equivalent of a Pinterest re-pin?

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  7. Content Producer

    Hi everyone, today is the BBC Online Briefing in New Broadcasting House, London. This is a chance for the BBC to share the work it’s doing with partners and suppliers in the digital arena. We’ll be collating the news, discussions and opinions from the day using our Live Blog so check it out, tw...

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  8. Executive Product Manager

    Find out about the new ways you can share your favourite BBC content and suggest ways to personalise and improve BBC Online.

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  9. Editor

    A roundup of the podcasts, videos and articles from the BBC College of Production website including a look at the making of Emmerdale's first live episode and Transmedia storytelling as well as the team behind Winterwatch online.

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  10. Technical Architect

    Regular readers of the Internet Blog will know that DNA is the platform that supplies User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of comments, messageboard posts and the like to the BBC website. It also powers the moderation tools needed to manage this content. For a brief history of DNA and how it...

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