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  1. Assistant Editor

    Michael Smethurst of BBC R&D has written a long, comprehensive and well recived post on his personal blog: “Designing a URL structure for BBC programmes”. It's a history of how systems like the BBC's Programmes Information database (PIPs) and /programme pages work together

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  2. Assistant Content Producer

    From making the content short and snappy to maintain the audience’s attention to collaborating with other YouTubers, making best use of features such as annotations and playlists and their preferred equipment to use - with YouTube pushing to take on TV and be the place that people come to watch ...

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  3. Editor

    This week the team from Wales’ most popular TV drama, Pobol y Cwm, talk about how they’ve used the online world to bring the soap to a whole new audience, and with quite some success. They talk about the challenges of taking a well-loved brand to a younger audience

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  4. Content Producer

    We all know it’s our duty to look after the planet in any small way we can, from recycling plastic bottles to cutting down on food waste, and that goes for producers and programme makers too. In our latest film BBC Dragon and green champion Deborah Meaden leads the call to action to get producer...

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  5. Assistant Content Producer

    I’m Ben Toone, assistant content producer at the BBC College of Production (CoP) website. Our site is a free online learning resource for the radio, television and online production community offering videos, podcasts and articles from broadcasting innovators and experts.

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  6. Editor

    A roundup of the podcasts, videos and articles from the BBC College of Production website including a look at the making of Emmerdale's first live episode and Transmedia storytelling as well as the team behind Winterwatch online.

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