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  1. Senior Product Manager

    Start times on BBC Radio on demand programmes

    Let’s start with two simple questions. What time does Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 start and how long is it? The answers are of course, that it starts at 10:00:00, 10:02:00 and 10:02:07 and its duration is 1 hour, 58 minutes, 57 minutes, 56’ 53”, 45 minutes, 43 minutes and 42’57”.

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  2. Executive Product Manager

    After listening to people using our existing phone app, we know listeners expect a tailored BBC iPlayer Radio app that makes the most out of both the capabilities of and the way that they use their tablet.

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  3. Senior Product Manager

    I’m pleased to say that today sees the launch of the BBC’s first iPlayer Radio app for Windows Phone 8 users

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    This week we released an update to the BBC iPlayer Radio apps for Android and iOS as well as an improvement to the desktop iPlayer Radio console.

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  5. Senior Product Manager

    The list of radio programmes you favourited in BBC iPlayer are stored in an old system we call “Dynamite”. A request to retrieve your favourites from Dynamite would not give a complete list, it would only return those programmes which are currently available to listen to.

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  6. Content Producer

    With a Twitter reach of 6.9 million in six weeks, people can watch content through Facebook, YouTube, G+, Instagram and Tumblr. They also are successfully using micro social videos in Vine and Instavideo, and other publications and sites can embed the live stream onto their home pages.

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  7. Senior Product Manager

    One of the advantages of enhancing this webpage is that we can now have just one homepage that gives a taste of all radio across the BBC. We hope this will make it less confusing for users who previously had a different experience on the radio page in BBC iPlayer.

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  8. Senior Product Manager

    The most popular categories and programmes are more prominent on the new page and we are linking directly to our selection of programmes, clips, podcasts and events.

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  9. Executive Product Manager

    We also allow you to “follow” a presenter which means we can present a more personalised experience when you visit Playlister. So far we have 12 presenters involved, and we aim to increase this number over the coming months, to cover a wider range of music and tastes.

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