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  1. Senior Product Manager, Radio Product Group

    BBC iPlayer Radio introduces new 'My Radio' features

    MyRadio works by keeping track of the BBC Radio programmes you listen to online, in order to help you keep up with the programmes that you love and introduce you to new programmes we think you’ll enjoy.

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  2. Senior Product Manager, Radio Product Group

    New Homepages for all BBC Radio Stations

    Users visit the radio homepages for a variety of reasons, from listening to live programmes to enjoying BBC selected output clips. All of the radio station homepages are receiving a two part redesign to provide a more effective experience for all user needs.

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  3. Senior Product Manager

    Audio Factory update:  the BBC's audio streaming system one year on

    Audio Factory has enabled a lot of new features for listeners since its release in February 2015. As the first anniversary approaches, this blog updates on what has been happening and what the plans are for the future.

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    Download full radio programmes to listen offline with the BBC iPlayer Radio app

    Today, we launched a major new version of the BBC iPlayer Radio app. This means for the first time, you will be able to download BBC radio programmes in full to your smartphone or tablet, listen to them offline without the need for an internet connection and keep them to enjoy for up to 30 days.

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  5. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Discover the world of classical music with Symphinity

    Symphinity is a new storytelling app that uses playlists to guide you through the history of classical music, introducing you to the artists who create it, the places and periods they inhabit and the worlds they create.

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  6. Lead Producer

    Home Front Story Explorer: Putting BBC drama on the web

    Home Front is an epic radio drama series set in Britain during World War One and broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The Home Front Story Explorer provides a new way to enjoy and understand the drama across three seasons, sixteen storylines and over twenty-one hours of listening.

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  7. Engineering Manager, Radio Product Group

    BBC Radio: Running successful hackdays

    A hackday usually means a one or two day event where like-minded individuals come together to build new stuff. They often have a particular focus, theme or area of interest.

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  8. Senior Web Developer, BBC Radio & Music

    BBC Radio Explorer: what we've learned

    Radio Explorer offers you a stream of available content, giving you your own mini radio station of episodes, clips and podcasts

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  9. Head of Media Services

    Audio Factory: your comments

    I wanted to follow up on the discussion that has been had on this blog recently about Audio Factory and more specifically the impact that it is having on internet connected devices.

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  10. Senior Product Manager

    Audio Factory: update

    We have been communicating our plans to manufacturers and aggregators for the last 12 months but we are aware that some devices will not be able to receive these new formats .

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