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  1. Content Producer

    Lively and contentious questions were fielded on Twitter, with answers supplied live by Bectu,

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  2. Executive Producer

    We’ve added simple controls to choose whether to allow downloads when on mobile networks or just on WiFi (to avoid data charges), to ‘queue’ as many downloads as you like, and to manage your downloaded content quickly and easily via the new ‘My Downloads’ section of the app. 

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  3. Senior Product Manager

    I’m Pete Lasko and I am a technical product manager in the BBC’s Future Media TV and Mobile Platforms department. Roux Joubert previously blogged about some of the challenges we face in building BBC Connected TV applications and the actions we took. Today I would like to tell you how the BBC i...

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  4. General Manager

    Hello, I am Andrew Scott, Head of Radio and Music and Audience Facing Services here at BBC Future Media. Today we announced the launch of BBC iPlayer Radio, previously known as the Radio and Music Product, and I'm delighted to tell you more about this new dedicated home for BBC radio across PC, ...

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