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  1. Product Manager - BBC Radio

    ‘Music Events’: A Guided Tour

    Our ambition for 'Music Events’ v6 is to deliver the best online coverage of live music in the world. Codenamed ‘Eavis’ after Glastonbury’s inimitable founder, our platform serves a broad portfolio.

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  2. Head of Digital Partnerships

    Innovation, start-ups and the future of music

    It is exciting to consider what could come next from the UK’s music industry. With that in mind, as part of our Future of Music conference, we invited along some interesting start-ups to demo their products and services to the attendees.

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  3. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Discover the world of classical music with Symphinity

    Symphinity is a new storytelling app that uses playlists to guide you through the history of classical music, introducing you to the artists who create it, the places and periods they inhabit and the worlds they create.

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    Playlister has already established itself as one of the main reasons that users register with BBC iD (http://www.bbc.co.uk/id/info ), as people are seeing real benefit to being signed-in.

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  5. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    My case was that classical music is not an innovation backwater or a passive customer for innovation but, in truth, the main source of innovation in media, entertainment and broadcasting over the last 150 or more years.

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  6. Senior Experience Architect

    Eavis is the platform that controls and publishes our music events experiences on the web, tablet, mobile and interactive TV.

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  7. Executive Product Manager

    We also allow you to “follow” a presenter which means we can present a more personalised experience when you visit Playlister. So far we have 12 presenters involved, and we aim to increase this number over the coming months, to cover a wider range of music and tastes.

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  8. Senior Web Developer

    We chose Handlebars as the template engine, loading the templates dynamically via AJAX. The BBC Playlister Spotify App is composed of five templates (Home, Browse, Playlist, Your Tracks and Offline). All of them are loaded dynamically avoiding a long load time.

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  9. Assistant Editor

    Tony Hall's speech on "Where Next?" for the BBC on Tuesday was largely reported neutrally, with most mainstream media opting for straight forward summaries. The whole speech can be watched on the About The BBC website, with an accompanying press release.

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  10. Executive Product Manager

    The vision for BBC Playlister is to start to transform music on BBC online, by connecting the music you hear on the BBC with your online music life, helping you to discover more music you love from the millions of tracks that are now so easily available.

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