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  1. Product Manager

    BIDI: The BBC Internet Distribution Infrastructure explained

    BIDI is the BBC’s own content distribution platform and is responsible for delivering media directly to the BBC end users in the UK. The clients are always presented with a ‘CDN mix’ from which they can fetch the media they are interested in. BIDI is part of this mix, alongside the commercial CDNs.

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  2. Senior Software Engineer

    CRL extensions and Apache 2.4

    In the Online Technology Group (OTG) Media Distribution team, we use digital certificates for service-to-service and user-to-service secured communication. We rely on centralised policies and procedures for issuing and updating all our certificates.

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  3. Software Engineer

    Making a Standard Media Player for Android

    Users of the BBC’s Android mobile applications are familiar with the need to install the separate BBC Media Player application to access multimedia content. This application is a solution for playing video using the proprietary Adobe Air media format.

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  4. Software Engineer

    Building alerts on BBC iPlayer A/V consumption

    This blog post discusses how we set out to answer the following questions: are all of our BBC viewers using the iPlayer able to view content right now and how can we alert operations teams quickly when problems happen?

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  5. Senior Software Engineer

    BBC Digital Media Distribution: How we improved throughput by 4x

    This post investigates why internal Varnish architecture limited a caching server to 4 Gbps, and why replacing Varnish with nginx increased output to 20 Gbps.

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  6. Technical Product Manager

    Digital Distribution: Analytics with logs and heartbeats

    Delivering media content to our audiences across the internet is a complex task involving many technologies and many organisations. So when a problem arises it's important for us to be able to narrow down the problem efficiently so that it can be fixed as quickly as possible.

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  7. Product Manager

    Digital Distribution: How on demand content reaches audiences

    One of the biggest technical challenges that we have to solve as a Content Provider is how to deliver video and audio streams to a geographically spread out audience. At peak times, many hundreds of gigabits per second of data have to be transferred across the Internet.

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