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  1. Editor

    Bitesize is the BBC’s online study support resource which is used by millions of students every year for help with coursework, classwork and exams. Later this year Bitesize is due to become part of the new Knowledge and Learning (K&L) website. Find out more about the new product from executive editor Chris Sizemore.

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  2. Technical Architect

    I'm part of the team building the new Knowledge & Learning product. In this post I'm going to describe the technical work we've undertaken so far, some of which you can see in the new beta release that my colleague Chris Sizemore recently blogged about.

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  3. Producer

    Many of you might have seen the Great British Class Calculator a few weeks ago which captured the public imagination with a brand new model of British class. It inspired debate, curiosity, reflection and in some quarters even some parody! It also led to many people asking how we managed to produce such a large piece of original journalism.

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  4. Executive Editor

    Hi, I'm Chris Sizemore executive editor for the BBC's Knowledge & Learning product. Today marks the beginning of a journey to unlock the learning potential of BBC content. As a first step we are releasing a new website which we’re currently calling Knowledge & Learning Beta.  

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  5. Editor

    I’m Dan Gluckman, an editor in BBC Learning and I look after the Knowledge and Learning science, health and history websites. Later this month the BBC will be changing the way we cover the topic of health online and closing the current BBC Health website. This doesn’t affect the BBC News Health site which will continue to publish news and features about health

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