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  1. User Experience Architect

    Each ‘sprint’ focuses on a specific design challenge. And because ‘sprinting’ is so quick, we explore a range of ideas in a relatively short space of time. That's the theory. But like any bit of design thinking, the real insight came from trying it out and testing it in practice.

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  2. Head of UXD

    This is a blog post about the development of the recently launched BBC iWonder brand. It’s about how we took user centred designs, a strong editorial proposition and product leadership and created a brand.

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  3. Development Manager

    BBC North Future Media at MediaCityUK, Salford are piloting a brand new Higher Level Apprenticeship Scheme in IT, Software and Web Technologies. The scheme will give young people the opportunity to work on the products that BBC Future Media is responsible for, including iPlayer (TV & Radio), Sport, CBBC, CBeebies, iWonder and Homepage & Search.

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  4. Senior Product Manager

    We started out with the structure of a guide. It had to be completely scalable, both in user experience and the way we wrote the code. Our first 3 fortnightly sprints (working under the Agile Methodology) were focussed largely on responsive navigation and how each step of the guide would be displayed to the user.

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  5. Executive Editor

    BBC iWonder provides thought-provoking answers to the questions sparked in your everyday life - questions sparked by BBC programmes, what's in the news, important anniversaries, or what's trending on social media.

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  6. Executive Product Manager

    For pictures with a dense amount of information on them, such as infographics, it’s important not just to resize a smaller version of a big image, but to load in a completely different image that’s best for that screen.

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