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  1. Head, Business Development

    Mind control your TV

    For our latest project, we took a simple low cost brainwave reading headset and created a ‘Mind Control TV’ prototype. It allows users to open an experimental version of BBC iPlayer and select a TV programme to view, using nothing but their brainwaves.

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  2. Senior Product Manager

    BBC iPlayer on TV: BT Vision, Audio Description, Live Channels

    Over the last year, we’ve been focused on getting the same version of iPlayer to all users on the TV where possible.

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  3. Senior Product Manager

    After listening to people using our existing phone app, we know listeners expect a tailored BBC iPlayer Radio app that makes the most out of both the capabilities of and the way that they use their tablet.

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  4. Senior Designer

    One challenge we had with this approach is that some programme titles are very long and are often shortened in the UI.

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  5. Technical Lead

    One addition that was required to support this was a new mechanism to allow navigation through the menus. The 'Next Page' buttons were added to show the next set of items in a menu, where previously it was only possible to scroll through the items one at a time via the navigation keys.

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  6. Senior Web Developer

    One of the problems we have been facing at BBC iPlayer for a long time is the way we approach documenting the features included in the project and our test strategy. There is no silver bullet here, as it's hard to find a solution that is fast, accurate, stable, and that works for developers, dev...

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  7. Assistant Editor

    “BBC clamps down on ILLICIT iPlayer watchers” was the Register’s colourful headline about the decision to switch off BBC iPlayer RSS feeds.

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