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  1. Executive Product Manager, Children's

    Introducing Buzz

    Introducing the new CBBC app Buzz aimed at 8-12 year-olds on the go.

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  2. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    Infocalypse Now

    Technology writer Charley Warzel warns of the toxic cocktail of social media and political manipulation.

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  3. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    The new voice service explained

    An interview with Mukul Devichand, Executive Editor of the BBC's new voice service for smart speakers.

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  4. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    The Revolution will be Televised

    A look at the challenges facing the TV industry over the next 5 years

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  5. Head of Content Commissioning, VR Hub

    Launching a VR studio: BBC VR Hub

    The ability for VR to create moving, engaging and memorable experiences - when it’s done right - seems unparalleled when compared to other traditional mediums. The BBC has been experimenting with VR over the last few years to explore this potential too.

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  6. Technologist, BBC Blue Room

    BBC Blue Room seek out the latest tech innovations for broadcasters & audiences

    The BBC Blue Room were tasked with once again attending Berlin’s IFA, to analyse the technology trends on show, compare them with previous technology advances, and to then deduce what potential impact these latest innovations will have on both broadcasters and audiences.

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  7. Head of Digital Partnerships

    BBC experiments with voiceprints

    For our experiment, we wanted to explore how your TV – just by hearing the unique sound of your voice – could give people a more intuitive and more personal service in the future.

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  8. Senior Market Analyst, Audiences

    Putting audiences at the heart of VR

    We undertook a research programme into VR encompassing market sizing, a mix of existing ‘media needs’ research and a longitudinal ethnographic study. As part of that we recruited teens and adults from across the UK who were interested in VR but had little experience with it.

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  9. Head of Emerging Technology and Strategic Direction

    Why should I care about Artificial Intelligence?

    What is it about deep learning based machine learning that has moved the artificial intelligence field on so much? In a nutshell, it is the move from expert programmed systems, to systems that learn.

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  10. Head of Digital Creativity, BBC Design & Engineering

    Mixital Youth Panel team up with BBC Radio 1Xtra on new digital kit

    The panel, formed in March 2016, meets the BBC team every six weeks. They wanted to expand their advisory role to get hands-on experience of digital production. And we were all excited by the vision of Mixital being made by young people for young people.

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