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  1. Senior Product Manager, Radio Product Group

    New Homepages for all BBC Radio Stations

    Users visit the radio homepages for a variety of reasons, from listening to live programmes to enjoying BBC selected output clips. All of the radio station homepages are receiving a two part redesign to provide a more effective experience for all user needs.

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  2. User Experience Designer

    Redesigning the BBC Homepage: The process behind the new look bbc.co.uk

    I want to use this blog post to give an overview of the design process for the new responsive BBC Homepage that launched recently.

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  3. Executive Editor

    BBC Homepage: Editorial insights into running the new bbc.co.uk

    The Homepage editorial team is committed to serving you the very best of the BBC, from the big hits to the hidden gems, every day. We’re now re-focusing our approach to make sure we’re able to continue to help the many users who visit the BBC online to make sense of what’s going on right now.

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    Your new BBC Home: Introducing the new bbc.co.uk homepage

    The BBC Homepage exists to bring that rich variety to visitors of bbc.co.uk. But until recently, it lacked the flexibility to pull all that variety together for our audience. As of today, visitors registering with us can choose from more than 40 new collections - each tailored to their interests.

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  5. Senior Product Manager

    BBC Homepage: Pick your own mix with customisation

    From today, you can now make the BBC Homepage more tailored to you by customising the page. We will continue to add collections for you to choose from, with carefully selected content from across the BBC to appeal to all tastes,

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  6. Executive Product Manager

    BBC Homepage on mobile: update

    The big carousel has been improved, especially for tablet users, but it still causes some of you problems

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  7. Executive Editor

    How we choose content for the new BBC Homepage

    A team of 3-4 editorial staff – a duty editor, content producer and assistant content producer – starts the day early.

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  8. Senior Product Manager

    Curation kit: a mixing-desk for content feeds on the BBC Homepage

    We wanted to make a simple, smart way to put the range of BBC content at their fingertips, and help them pick out what they wanted to use.

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  9. Senior Web Developer, Content Discovery

    How we built the new BBC Homepage

    The new BBC mobile Homepage is a flexible ‘taster menu’ of the BBC's website.

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  10. Executive Product Manager

    Upcoming changes to BBC Homepage

    It’s been three years since we last updated the look and feel of the BBC’s Homepage. In that time, most of the BBC’s websites have adopted a responsive web design approach

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