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  1. Executive Product Manager

    Video Factory: Updating the creation and distribution systems for on demand video

    One of our original goals for Video Factory was to review and refresh the transcode profiles for the video we create, as well as changing our distribution architecture to become more efficient with storage, more flexible when making changes and more resilient by using multiple distribution partners.

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  2. Product&Installation Manager

    I’m Mike Satterthwaite and I’m product and installation manager for the Broadcast Systems Development Team. We are one of the teams inside the BBC working on internal technology development. We normally develop products and solutions when there is nothing fit for purpose on the commercial marke...

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  3. Chief Technologist HD&3D

    Hi I’m Andy Quested, chief technologist HD & 3D, BBC Technology. It’s been five years since my first blog about the BBC HD Channel and I can’t believe so much time has passed and so many things have happened since the channel and high definition began!

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  4. Chief Technologist HD&3D

    Just for any new readers, I am head of technology for BBC HD & 3D and this is an update on the next phase of the BBC 3D trial. We have now moved from sport, music and animation to drama! Mr Stink is a TV adaptation of the book by David Walliams. I won't give anything away in the post for those...

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  5. Executive Producer

    Hi. I'm Tim Plyming and I'm the project lead for the BBC's Super Hi-Vision trials taking place during the London 2012 Olympics. As I spoke about in the video above, I've just finished a fantastic week of Super Hi-Vision filming in London with a crew made up of staff from Japanese broadcaster NH...

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