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  1. Product Manager

    Try, Rate, Share: Innovation project BBC Taster on highlights and future plans

    BBC Taster was designed to be a space to be experimental with new formats, talent and technology. Our intention was that Taster would be filled with ideas from all around the BBC and we wanted audiences to come and Try, Rate and Share our new projects.

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  2. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    Discover the world of classical music with Symphinity

    Symphinity is a new storytelling app that uses playlists to guide you through the history of classical music, introducing you to the artists who create it, the places and periods they inhabit and the worlds they create.

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  3. Head Market Engagement

    BBC Online Briefing: June 2015, Salford

    The BBC relies upon the UK’s digital media indie sector to help build and maintain the quality of our online services. At least twice a year we invite a number of digital suppliers and industry representatives to a series of presentations and updates about our development strategy for BBC Online.

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  4. Co-Founder and Head of Product, TouchCast

    Connected Studio: a partner's perspective

    But as I watched Connected Studio work their magic one workshop after another, I realized they were becoming the oil in the machine.

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  5. Product Manager

    How we built BBC Taster

    The development team worked to an adapted agile framework called Kanban doing continuous delivery, we used tools such as Jira and Trello, doing live releases pretty much every day.

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  6. Development Producer

    Last year we launched three of our Connected Studio prototypes. Robin Cramp introduced phase 1 of our three pilot projects in a blog post last year; now all three are being tested at scale after a second phase of development.

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  7. Hacker Journalist

    50 participants came from all over the world to hack with us around language technologies. The Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) sent a team over, as well as Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Bulgarian semantic tech company Ontotext – some other participants came from L...

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  8. Project Manager

    We want to encourage a wide range of the best digital innovators to participate, and work together to develop online services and create BBC digital media products for the future.

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