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  1. Senior Product Manager

    CBeebies Apps team launches public beta group for Android users

    Later this year, we will be launching a new app, CBeebies Playtime Island. The availability of beta platforms, now means we can learn about our audience’s expectations at scale, building on our relationship with parents and children, to help us make better products for all.

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  2. Head of iPlayer, BBC Digital

    Introducing BBC iPlayer Kids

    We decided to create a single app that enables kids to tell the app their age and instantly be presented with content curated specially for their age group. So 6 year olds are able to enjoy a mix of CBeebies and CBBC programmes without having to switch between two different apps.

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  3. Executive Product Manager

    Going for Gold with Pudsey’s Gigantic Game

    Pudsey’s Gigantic Game uses a simple drag and drop interface which enables users to immediately create levels in styles from platformers to flying games and in locations from underwater to outer space. Our hero Pudsey can be driving his car, donning his cape or even bouncing around the world

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  4. Senior Software Engineer, BBC Children's

    CBeebies Storytime app: Downloadable library gives more choice to kids and parents

    Since it’s release, the original version of Storytime has been downloaded over a million times across iOS, Android and Kindle, and has been used to read millions of stories to some of the youngest members of our audience.

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  5. Head of UX&D, Children's, BBC Knowledge & Learning

    UX&D: tips and tricks for design research with children

    Design research can feel intimidating for any participant, but when it’s a child, it might be intimidating for the researcher as well!

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  6. Development Producer

    Last year we launched three of our Connected Studio prototypes. Robin Cramp introduced phase 1 of our three pilot projects in a blog post last year; now all three are being tested at scale after a second phase of development.

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  7. Executive Product Manager

    The Make It Technobabble game maker kit is built using web standards – HTML5/Javascript. By building as a HTML5 webapp now means that as the kit matures it can take advantage of optimisations and new developments to come on the web.

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  8. Senior Designer

    The app importantly had to incorporate everything which Children love about CBeebies, the humour, surprise, and excitement. We also needed to make sure it was scalable for an audience who are driven by image led navigation, and reliant on large hit states.

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  9. Chief Creative Officer

    Previous work at the BBC had already determined a 2D platform game would form the base genre for us to build on … but the demands of the curriculum required our examples of problem solving to be based in the real world, which is 3D.

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