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  1. Head of UX&D, Children's, BBC Knowledge & Learning

    UX&D: tips and tricks for design research with children

    Design research can feel intimidating for any participant, but when it’s a child, it might be intimidating for the researcher as well!

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  2. Assistant Editor

    One thing we didn’t want to do is continuously deliver low quality code…

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  3. Development Producer

    Ludus is built using Adobe AIR with native extensions to allow it to take advantage of the host hardware, most importantly, the microphone for synchronisation as well as to build to multiple devices from one code base

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  4. Project Manager

    Hello BBC Internet Blog! I’m Robin Cramp, the project manager for BBC Connected Studio and welcome to the first of many blogs providing insight into the pilots we’ve taken forward as part of the year one of the programme. My colleague (my way of saying boss without actually saying it) Adrian Woolard set the scene in his recent blog post

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