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  1. Senior Product Manager

    BBC Homepage announces new Beta site

    Using the regular Homepage as a control, we would like to use the beta as an area where we can try those ideas and see what impact those changes may have by comparing against the regular Homepage.

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  2. Senior Product Manager

    CBeebies Apps team launches public beta group for Android users

    Later this year, we will be launching a new app, CBeebies Playtime Island. The availability of beta platforms, now means we can learn about our audience’s expectations at scale, building on our relationship with parents and children, to help us make better products for all.

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  3. Senior Product Manager

    Update on beta versions of new BBC Sport homepages

    Back in December, BBC Sport launched new beta versions of the BBC Sport homepage, Football homepage and the sport homepages for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and invited you to give feedback. We can now update on the feedback received and what happens next.

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  4. Senior Product Manager

    BBC Sport launches beta versions of new homepages

    Beta versions of the new BBC Sport, Football and national sport homepages have been released. The versions are responsive to the different devices users visit the sites on. New features include a layout that utilizes wider screens and football score tables accessible on all platforms.

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  5. Software Engineer, Media Playout

    HTML5 Player Beta update: More details on the new trial

    The BBC has been providing media content online for almost 20 years. We started with Real Media and evolved through Windows Media, progressive downloads, and RTMP in Flash. The distribution method preferred today is chunked HTTP delivery.

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  6. Executive Product Manager

    We have also introduced a new feature of ordering the incidents by severity, distance or incident type, which will allow the users to customise the service in a way that works best for them in particular circumstances (for example “sort by severity” is a default state on desktop but we believe t...

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  7. Executive Product Manager

    In delivering this product, we have created a completely new technical architecture to process and publish content, plus a responsive front-end to display the content to users.

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  8. Executive Product Manager

    The first change regular users may notice is that we’ve simplified the name from BBC Travel News to BBC Travel, but we have also completely redesigned the user experience and technical architecture of the service

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