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  1. Head of Sport Interactive

    Discovering the best BBC Sport content

    We’re starting to roll out some changes to the BBC Sport website. I wanted to share a little bit about why we’re doing it, how we’re doing it and what changes you’ll see over the coming weeks and months.

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  2. User Experience Designer

    Capturing the Passion: Refreshing BBC Sport User Personas

    Capturing the diversity and enthusiasm of our current users would be an engaging way to help design and shape the future of BBC Sport.

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  3. Business Analyst

    In the past year we have seen a significant increase in Windows Phone usage. The number of Windows Phone users accessing the BBC Sport mobile site has increased 54% year-on-year. Last month BBC Sport had over 800,000 Windows Phone users.

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  4. Android Engineer

    After the success of the Chromecast integration in BBC iPlayer, we had a opportunity to take all of the multi-stream content from the BBC Sport website and provide our users with a new way of viewing this summer’s live sporting events on the big screen

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  5. Senior Business Analyst

    With World Cup matches being in evening here, we expect that most people will be using tablet and mobile devices, either as a second screen or for when they can’t be in front of their TV...

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  6. Executive Product Manager

    The Live Guide is accessible from the landing page and will provide details of all the available live streams available to watch each day.

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  7. Business Analyst

    Android (phones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone and iPad) app users can now sign up to receive alerts for more than 150 teams. As this is the first release we have limited the range of alerts – a decision based on audience research – to the following: kick-off, goals, half-time score and result.

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  8. Software Developer

    Six months ago I blogged about the development of BBC Sport's Correspondent pages - Sport's first fully responsive web pages. Since then we have been working hard creating a whole range of Winter Olympics pages such as the Sochi 2014 homepage, discipline pages e.g. snowboarding, the medal table ...

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  9. Technical Development Lead

    The following day turned out to be a big test for the new platform as our live Sochi, football and RBS Six Nations coverage helped drive a number of digital BBC Sport records on Saturday 8 February,

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