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  1. Product Manager

    Programme Metadata API: Nitro Update

    Nitro, introduced in 2014, is the BBC’s Programme Metadata API, which provides read-only access to information about BBC programmes.

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  2. Head Market Engagement

    Digital Services Framework II

    Given the ongoing rapid development of the digital sector our plan was always to re-procure this framework in line with changing business requirements

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  3. Business Coordinator

    BBC Digital: Women in Tech Event and Digital Media Graduate Scheme

    I am delighted to say that four women who attended the Women in Tech event then went onto apply for the BBC Digital Media graduate scheme and will be joining us in the 2015 intake this September.

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  4. Market Engagement Executive

    In this last video speakers from each of the day’s sessions took to the stage to respond to questions from the audience

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  5. Head of Audiences

    We recently conducted research around a topic we labelled ‘Digital Needs’ – exploring the various ways and reasons that people use the internet and how this differs between different demographic segments.

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  6. Project Manager

    We want to encourage a wide range of the best digital innovators to participate, and work together to develop online services and create BBC digital media products for the future.

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  7. Head of Operations

    These projects included the delivery of coverage solely via an IP infrastructure; streaming live 360 degree imagery to virtual reality headsets, complete with binaural sound; and tests using 4K and 4G technology.

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  8. Procurement Manager

    During my brief session (a tough billing - sandwiched between Connected Studio’s hugely entertaining Robin Cramp and a much needed tea break) I talked about procurement; the role of Market Engagement, and gave an overview of the three digital frameworks we implemented this year.

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  9. Director, Future Media

    In this brief interview I talk through Future Media’s five priorities and some of my highlights from the last six months, including the Our World War interactive video; R&D’s fantastic work at this summer’s Commonwealth Games; and developments in BBC Music, BBC Playlister and BBC Earth.

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  10. Head of Digital Creativity, Future Media

    At the recent BBC Online Briefing, alongside my colleague Jon Howard, I talked about the motivations and aspirations behind the initiative; some of the steps we’ve already taken this year; and some of the exciting projects we’ll be delivering throughout 2015.

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