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  1. Executive Product Manager

    BBC News app: update

    The latest update to the News App, pushed to the app stores, includes accessibility improvements to voice over and keyboard accessibility. These are the first improvements as part of an ongoing accessibility review.

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  2. Principal Software Engineer

    CPS Vivo: a new content management system for BBC streams

    The principle behind Vivo is to build a lightweight responsive single page web application that is built on the cloud to support three key editorial workflows

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  3. Head of Product

    New BBC News app on Newswatch

    In the interview I talk about some of the features that we are looking to enhance in response to user feedback.

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  4. Executive Product Manager

    BBC News app: new 4.1 widget for Android goes live

    Following the launch of the new version of the BBC News App last week we have been collecting and analysing feedback . One of the themes that has been repeated frequently was lack of a 4:1 widget for Android. We have just released this widget to the Play Store.

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  5. Head of Product

    Supporting and enhancing the new BBC News app

    We’ve had a wide range of feedback from users who both like and dislike the changes that have been made.

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  6. Executive Product Manager

    New BBC News app starts to roll out in the UK

    This is no longer about choosing just between local, national or even global news. This is now all about your news.

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  7. Head of Product

    Upcoming changes to BBC News Online

    In December we started inviting users of tablet devices to switch from the existing website to the new responsive solution and their feedback has been very positive.

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  8. Senior Product Manager

    BBC News responsive design: update

    Most of the positive comments referred to the look and feel of the site, using words like ‘clear’, ‘fresh’ and ‘uncluttered’. In terms of specific features, some people mentioned the "Most Read" box and others mentioned the new "time stamps" as aspects they liked. 

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  9. Data Architect

    If we know that the tag 'Birmingham City Council' is a Council type of tag, then when we give the user everything tagged with that subject, we can also provide more contextual information...

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