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  1. Senior Product Manager, BBC News

    Showcasing the best of BBC News online

    Over the past year, we’ve completely redesigned and rebuilt this page to achieve a set of user experience, editorial and technical ambitions. We’ve made the page much faster, clearer and more visual for millions of readers across the world.

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  2. Executive Product Manager, BBC News Apps & Connected TV

    BBC News app launches daily dose of smartphone video news

    Portrait video will enable you to swipe through a curated list of ‘videos of the day’, getting latest news in an easy-to-consume and engaging format. For the first time you will be able to watch full screen video created just for mobile.

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  3. Language Technology Producer

    Update: Virtual Voice-Over Tool for Multilingual Journalists

    BBC News Labs and BBC Digital Development have produced an innovative tool called “ALTO” which assists multilingual journalists in re-versioning news video content. ALTO combines a number of language technologies to allow a single language journalist to generate multilingual voice-overs.

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  4. Language Technology Producer

    BBC innovates voice-over technology

    We have launched an online pilot service that offers continuous video play in different languages to our global audiences. In this joint effort with the BBC World Service and Global News Ltd we are trying out the latest language technology: machine translation and computer-generated voices.

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  5. Director, News Product & Systems

    BBC News available on the new Apple News

    Apple has today launched their new Apple News service in the UK, and we’re pleased that BBC News is part of the new experience as it launches.

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  6. Director, News Product & Systems

    Digital News Discovery and the launch of Google AMP

    Google AMP is a new open and shared, web standard for publishing content pages, optimized for mobile consumption. Google have announced the initiative today and the BBC together with around 20 global publishers have been involved in the design and definition of the approach.

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  7. Language Technology Producer

    BBC collaboration to build multilingual media monitoring system

    We want to build an automated system that will not only monitor hundreds of international TV channels, radio stations, online articles and social media; this system will also be able to observe trends and detect news stories and events in several languages.

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  8. Senior Product Manager

    Local Live: A better Birmingham & Black Country news index

    Our users have told us over time the reasons why they visit our local news indexes. The main areas they value are the good coverage of big local stories; the mixture of TV, Radio, Sport, Travel and Weather content; the variety of content from different news sources and our local knowledge.

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  9. Executive Product Manager, BBC News Apps & Connected TV

    BBC News app: in app browser and compact mode

    After 5 years of no real significant changes, the first time the apps changed was always likely to highlight some issues, however I have quickly become aware of the strength of feelings toward some of the design and usability changes.

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  10. User Experience Designer

    I am Charlotte Thornton, a UX designer on the BBC Visual Journalism team. I was recently given the task of creating my first animation to explain the process your old clothes go through after they have been donated to a charity shop. I'd like to share some key points I learnt through the process.

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