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  1. Head of Product, BBC Sport

    Delivering a Digital World Cup

    Neil Hall explains BBC Sport's digital plans for the World Cup

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  2. Software Engineering Manager, BBC D&E

    Decommission of BBC News App v2

    Neil McAlpine explains why the older version of the News App is being decommissioned.

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  3. Chief Technology and Product Officer, BBC D&E

    BBC D&E Chief Technology and Product Officer Matthew Postgate summarises his speech to the DTG on an IP future.

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  4. Head of Emerging Technology and Strategic Direction

    AI for Common Good - a significant moment for AI development

    D&E's Ali Shah, head of emerging technology and strategic direction, explains the latest developments in AI governance and strategy

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  5. Technology & Creativity Blog editor

    Fighting bias in the machines

    This year's BBC Academy and D&E developers conference looked at techniques to fight bias machine learning

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  6. Executive Product Manager - BBC News, Design & Engineering

    New market data service

    A new market data service has launched for BBC News Online.

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  7. Lead Android developer, BBC News

    A developer's guide to BBC News on Android

    Lead developer Andrew Fulcher updates on the latest developer approaches for Android.

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  8. Executive Product Manager, Children's

    Introducing Buzz

    Introducing the new CBBC app Buzz aimed at 8-12 year-olds on the go.

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  9. Senior Product Manager, News

    The interactive game training the next generation of news reporters

    The BBC News iReporter game uses social media techniques to teach young audiences how to spot fake news while meeting their bulletin deadlines.

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  10. Director, News Product & Systems

    Shifting gear with the World Service

    Robin Pemborke, Director of News Products and Systems reviews the past year's achievements with the World Service

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