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  1. Researcher

    BBC College of Technology: Develop conference videos

    With all of these renowned practitioners in one place we took the opportunity to film some interviews about a few of the most important current trends in software. The resulting short films have been published recently on the College of Technology website.

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  2. Researcher

    Over the last few weeks we’ve published a variety of material on the College of Technology website with a software engineering theme.

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  3. Researcher

    The television industry is currently gearing up for a big change in the way programmes are delivered to broadcasters. For many producers, tape was previously the only way of delivering a TV programme. However, as most productions are now shot and edited digitally, it is clear that programmes nee...

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  4. Senior Producer

     Why do developers love building apps for different platforms when they could build a single website with friendly URLs and easily updatable content? Well, It's all about caching and with apps it is easier to simply display the most recent content and only fetch new content when a connection is ...

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  5. Head of Online, BBC Academy

    Mobile first meant all the design, navigation and content had to work as well on a handset as our desktops. The importance of imagery and photography quickly came to the fore. Impatient mobile users will swiftly swipe through pages, only pausing to alight on arresting and interesting images.

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