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  1. Service Development and Delivery Manager

    Archiving the BBC’s website and social media output

    The BBC tries to maintain and keep older pages online for the public to access for as a long as possible (dependant on technology, editorial or copyright reasons). It’s the BBC Archives responsibility to archive copies offline and preserve them.

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  2. Producer, BBC Connected Studios

    Developing digital experiences to help dementia sufferers

    Connected Studios hosted a workshop to investigate whether the BBC Archive can be utilized to help stimulate memory in dementia sufferers. The workshop provided essential insight into life with dementia, which the team incorporated in their development of ideas for new digital experiences.

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  3. Managing Editor, BBC Online

    In general, once a piece of content is published on BBC Online, it should stay there...

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  4. Assistant Editor

    One thing we didn’t want to do is continuously deliver low quality code…

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  5. Internet Engineer

    The web site is hosted on Linux servers. We have database servers running MySQL and Sphinx Search and application servers which run Apache and a web application written in Perl using Dancer and Template Toolkit. In front of the application servers a layer of Varnish application cache servers hel...

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  6. Service Development and Delivery Manager

    The next steps will be to convert our BBC Web Archive 1.0 and any older archived sites into the WARC international web archive standard, so they can sit with the Internet Archive extracted crawls we have obtained.

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  7. Editor, BBC Online Archive and Connected Studio

    Eight indy teams who successfully wowed us at the Connected Studio event in January came to build prototypes and hone their ideas. We were housed in the Titanic Centre in Belfast, long hours sat on chairs rumoured to have been made for the ship itself.

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  8. Editor, BBC Online Archive and Connected Studio

    Audiences get to control their own serendipitous journeys into our content within a context curated by BBC Journalists, so experiences remain relevant and rich with public service value.

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  9. Editor, BBC Online Archive and Connected Studio

    Journalists like me believe we can combine the archive and digital technology to create new and powerful forms of public service storytelling. We can connect the archive to events happening now, and to News being consumed today, in a way that audiences routinely see the world with more knowledge...

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  10. Digital Project Manager

    Hi I'm Nat Smith a freelance digital project manager. I helped co-ordinate the creation of the Your Paintings site. My colleague Nick Cohen blogged about the public beta launch of Your Paintings in 2011. Now the digitisation and publishing of the paintings is complete, we thought it would be a...

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