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  1. BBC Online Briefing June 2014: the Future of TV

    Monday 30 June 2014, 13:19

    Carmen Aitken Carmen Aitken Head of Audiences

    My presentation shows that despite the range of competing delivery methods linear TV remains remarkably resilient, with the majority of viewers still finding content via the EPG, and many watching the same live programmes every week. In this video I discuss various scenarios for the future of TV based...

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  2. Future Fiction: Drama meeting digital

    Tuesday 7 May 2013, 08:00

    Michael Kibblewhite Michael Kibblewhite Producer

    What does the Future of Drama look like? Find out more about BBC Future Fiction and watch video clips from the event.

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  3. Stargazing LIVE: Astronomy through social media

    Friday 19 April 2013, 11:42

    Simon Mackie Simon Mackie Assistant Producer

    Hello there I’m Simon Mackie, an assistant producer for BBC Factual, but I don’t make telly programmes. Instead, I work with TV production teams to develop and publish online content that complements their programmes. So I’m a web producer really.

    Here I’m going to talk about the online side of...

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  4. The Voice UK: Putting digital at the heart of the format

    Thursday 21 March 2013, 08:59

    Sarah Clay Sarah Clay Online Executive

    I’m Sarah Clay, online exec for BBC Drama and Entertainment. I look after programmes such as The Voice, The Apprentice, Britain Unzipped and Being Human, brands that work really well online as a way of expanding the viewers’ experience beyond TV.

    The Voice is a Saturday night entertainment show on...

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  5. Social Media at the BBC: Bridging the gap between audience and production

    Friday 15 March 2013, 09:57

    Rowan Kerek Robertson Rowan Kerek Robertson Editorial Lead

    I’m Rowan Kerek Robertson, editorial lead for Social Media, BBC Vision. 

    My job, along with a small team, is about helping to ensure that the BBC’s TV programmes and channels uses social media in ways which are as useful, entertaining and engaging as possible be it on BBC Online  like  the TV...

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  6. Quality Control for file-based delivery at the BBC

    Wednesday 27 February 2013, 15:29

    Rowan de Pomerai Rowan de Pomerai Technologist

    Hi my name's Rowan and I work in a small team who look after the technology strategy for the TV making parts of the BBC. That includes everything from cameras and edit platforms to programme delivery and archive.

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  7. Designing the Connected Red Button

    Friday 22 February 2013, 09:00

    Robin Gibson Robin Gibson Senior UX Designer

    Connected Red Button reinvents traditional Red Button bringing BBC online to the living room.

    The service launched on Virgin TiVo platforms in December 2012 and the BBC will be rolling it out to other connected TVs during 2013.

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  8. Building Connected Red Button

    Friday 8 February 2013, 10:00

    Duncan Fortescue Duncan Fortescue Technical Lead

    Hi I'm Duncan Fortescue the technical lead for the BBCs Connected Red Button.
    Last month saw a major milestone for our team here in MediaCityUK in Salford as we launched the Connected Red Button on its first platform (Virgin TiVo).

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  9. Dara O Briain's Science Club: Delivering extra content while you watch

    Wednesday 6 February 2013, 10:02

    Michael Orwell Michael Orwell Producer

    I’m Michael Orwell a producer from BBC Knowledge & Learning specialising in science and based in London.

    Join the Science Club

    Dara O Briain’s Science Club was a six-part BBC Two series which began in November 2012 where the big ideas in science were taken...

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  10. New Antiques Roadshow play-along app

    Thursday 3 January 2013, 09:45

    Tom Williams Tom Williams Development Editor

    I'm Tom Williams, development editor for Red Button and dual screen in BBC Vision.

    Today we launched the Antiques Roadshow play along app for mobiles and tablets.

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  11. Mr Stink in 3D

    Wednesday 19 December 2012, 10:30

    Andy Quested Andy Quested Chief Technologist HD&3D

    Just for any new readers, I am head of technology for BBC HD & 3D and this is an update on the next phase of the BBC 3D trial. We have now moved from sport, music and animation to drama!

    Mr Stink is a TV adaptation of the book by David Walliams. I won't give anything away in the post for those who love...

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  12. New TV Homepage

    Wednesday 12 December 2012, 12:00

    Matt Humphreys Matt Humphreys Editorial Lead

    I'm Matt Humphreys and I work in the TV & iPlayer editorial team. Part of my role is to work with the TV channel teams and programme makers in BBC Vision to develop curated offerings of our programmes and additional online content.

    Today marks the next phase in the development of the TV site across...

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  13. New Buy Online module

    Wednesday 5 December 2012, 10:00

    Dan Taylor Dan Taylor Head of BBC iPlayer

    I'm Dan Taylor, Executive Editor for TV and iPlayer and part of my job is ensuring the TV programmes the BBC commissions and produces are as discoverable as possible online.

    As well as giving information about when our programmes are broadcast on BBC TV and Radio and when they are available in BBC iPlayer...

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  14. Connected Red Button Launch

    Tuesday 4 December 2012, 12:00

    Matt Coulson Matt Coulson Executive Product Manager

    I'm Matt Coulson, Executive Product Manager for Red Button in BBC TV and Mobile Platforms.

    Today we are launching the new BBC Connected Red Button on the Virgin TiVo service with plans to roll out the service to a range of connected connected TVs

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  15. BBC Blue Room: ten things we learnt at IFA 2012

    Tuesday 11 September 2012, 14:09

    Alison Hunter Alison Hunter Senior Technology Demonstrator

    The BBC Blue Room team was back at IFA 2012 last week.

    For those of you who haven't heard of the BBC Blue Room or indeed IFA, let me explain. The Blue Room is the BBCs consumer electronics lab, based in London W12, in a room unsurprisingly filled with a lot of the latest consumer electronics. So, if...

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  16. Super Hi Vision TV Screenings

    Monday 16 July 2012, 12:10

    Tim Plyming Tim Plyming Executive Producer

    Hi. I'm Tim Plyming and I'm the project lead for the BBC's Super Hi-Vision trials taking place during the London 2012 Olympics.

    As I spoke about in the video above, I've just finished a fantastic week of Super Hi-Vision filming in London with a crew made up of staff from Japanese broadcaster NHK and...

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  17. BBC TV Channel Homepages: Responsive Design

    Thursday 21 June 2012, 18:00

    Ste Everington Ste Everington Designer UXD

    Hello, I'm Ste Everington and I'm one of the designers leading the TV & iPlayer product. Last month saw the launch of the new television homepages for BBC One, Two, Three and Four. This blog post aims to give you some insight into the process and in particular our approach to responsive design.

    As Dave...

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