BBC Blue Room: ten things we learnt at IFA 2012

Tuesday 11 September 2012, 14:09

Alison Hunter Alison Hunter Senior Technology Demonstrator

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Organic LED was a hit at IFA 2012

For more information about organic LED (light-emiting diode) television read this Wikipedia entry

The BBC Blue Room team was back at IFA 2012 last week.

For those of you who haven't heard of the BBC Blue Room or indeed IFA, let me explain. The Blue Room is the BBCs consumer electronics lab, based in London W12, in a room unsurprisingly filled with a lot of the latest consumer electronics. So, if you were a developer working on the BBC Olympics App and you wanted to see it working on one of the latest connected TVs or programme maker wondering what ultra high definition looks like, then BBC Blue Room would be the place you would want to visit.

Which brings us to IFA, Europe's largest consumer electronics show that takes place annually in Berlin.

Having so many of the manufacturers located in one place is a great opportunity for information gathering and a way for us to keep our BBC colleagues up-to-date with the fast changing world of consumer electronics.

So, with this aim in mind Richard, Lindsey and myself (the team) walked the halls, listened to press conferences and soaked up the atmosphere.

At the end of three long days, we jotted down what we had learnt;

• Organic LED TVs drew the crowd

• Windows 8 was everywhere

• Expect more waving, shouting and eye control

• 3D is hanging on .... just!

• 21:9 has gone mainstream

• Cameras have got smart

• They want our homes connected

• Hybrid devices were in abundance

• The world is getting more pixels

• Things just got "see through"

From these initial thoughts, we created a PDF:

"10 Things We Have Learnt at IFA 2012"

Please download and of course share.

Alison Hunter is Senior Technology Demonstrator, BBC Technology

Follow the BBC Blue Room on Twitter at @BBCBlueRoom

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