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Saturday 29 June 2013, 06:00

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Welcome to a jam-packed week on the BBC Red Button kicking off with our biggest weekend of the summer featuring unrivalled coverage of Wimbledon, Glastonbury and the British Grand Prix.

Wimbledon 2013

Andy Murray Andy Murray, Wimbledon 2013

You can follow all the live matches from the second week at Wimbledon plus highlights from each day's play.

Satellite and cable viewers can select from three additional live courts while viewers on Freeview, BT Vision or YouView can choose between two extra courts alongside the best of the action on BBC One and BBC Two. Just press red on any BBC channel, select Wimbledon 2013 and then choose your court by accessing the menu via the blue button.

The best of the action is available in HD on the Red Button HD channel on these services: Freeview HD 303, Virgin Media 994, YouView 303. Virgin TiVo users can access all 10 live courts in HD via the Connected Red Button along with highlights and interviews.

For a full guide to coverage, see Wimbledon 2013: How to watch on the BBC.


Other sport highlights in the first weekend include the latest Formula 1 coverage from the British Grand Prix at Silverstone including a view of Saturday's qualifying from the pit lane and MotoGP race action from Assen. For information on this week's schedule see the BBC Sport website. Please note times are subject to change.


Glastonbury Pyramid Stage Pyramid stage crowd, Glastonbury 2013

This year the BBC is devoting more broadcast hours to the legendary music festival than ever before. Watch and listen to a huge range of performances live and re-live your favourite festival moments or ones you've missed from the six stages, which include the Pyramid, Other, John Peel, West Holts, BBC Introducing and for the first time The Park Stage. So if you can't make it to Worthy Farm this year, this is the next best thing.

Virgin TiVo users can access live performances and highlights via the Connected Red Button Glastonbury app. For a full guide to the all the festival coverage, please visit how to watch and listen.

Available on Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:

Sat 29 Jun, 9pm-2am
Sun 30 Jun, 4.30pm-2am

Available on Virgin TiVo:

Sat 29 Jun-Fri 5 Jul

How to Be a Powerful Woman

Watch short films featuring 15 of Woman's Hour's most powerful women in the UK – including artist Tracey Emin, athlete and Life Peer Tanni Grey-Thompson and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman – who share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life.

Available on Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:

Tue 2 Jul, 10.40am-11.15am

Rick Stein's India

Rick's culinary odyssey celebrating the tastes and people of India continues from Monday evening with some tasty extra morsels from episode three. The chef travels deeper into the wetland system around India’s longest lake Vembanad. Here aquatic life is key and the surrounding communities make their living from the bounty that thrives under the lake's calm surface. In this Red Button extra Rick visits Vaidhay’s eatery, a small café for workers that is minutes from the lake. Here lunchtimes are sacred and Rick observes the cooks making the café's speciality dish, a mouth-watering clam masala.

Available on Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:

Mon 1 Jul, 9.55pm-10.30pm

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter at @BBCRedButton.

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    Comment number 1.

    Perhaps, at events like Glastonbury,you the BBC,should show the real festival & send camera crews around the festival though out the day,to show the people at home,what it is really like. To soak up the atmosphere & see all the other wierd & wonderful people,stalls,statues & music,that is at this amazing event.
    This could be shown though the day on bbc3 & bbc4. instead of just nothing,as both channels aren't active til 7pm.

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    Comment number 2.

    We get a Brit on POLE POSITION for the first time in years in Moto GP (well done Cal Crutchlow) and the BBC are NOT going to show the race.........................................unbelievable, I'm gutted!

    Oh, there's plenty of "ping-pong on grass" and some dope smokers at Glastonbury if that's your bag........so thats okay then?

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    Comment number 3.

    To ipay my licence BBCs Three and Four are off during the day so CBBC and CBeebies are able to air.

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    Comment number 4.

    This is rubbish! I'm a virgin customer and i do not have a HD package, but BBC instead of showing the Confederations Cup Italy v Uraguy on normal channel, or even on Red Button, you put it on Red Button HD which i cant get. But as another user said, i can watch Glastonbury and Tennis. What a joke! Do a job properly!

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    Comment number 5.

    I have Sky and also do not have HD. I was looking forward to watching the game at 5PM only the BBC red button is not showing it. Now I find out its on the BBC HD channel red button. This is very disappointing because there is a great many people who don't have HD.

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    Comment number 6.

    I too tried to find the red button on Sky and Freeview for the Uruguay v Italy match. The instructions on the web site are totally confusing and the TV text just kept me going around in circles. I eventually manged to connect via my laptop but cannot for the life of me recall how I did it. I had to initially resort to downloading the BBC Sport app for my iPhone and watch it on a 5" screen.

    The matter of the Moto GP not being shown live is also a disgrace, but I suppose the BBC puts the F1 procession and wailing banshees from Wimbledon first.

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    Comment number 7.

    Please can you not keep swapping people around under the red button. The point is surely that I pick to watch the Djokovic match, but then to be carted off to the Berdych match anyway (you can watch this match under the red button, then you can watch this march on BBC 2, then you can watch this under the red button) whether I like it or not defeats the point of the exercise.

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    Comment number 8.

    Why can't I get Glastonbury Fest on my red button, like last time? I came back from France yesterday to watch it!

  • rate this

    Comment number 9.

    Ditto. As above. The Glastonbury festival highlights entry in the freesat and freeview EPG listings for 06.00-12.00 this morning were not shown. Only Wimbledon coverage. Are the red button listings now incorrect?

    Will the festival highlights be shown tomorrow morning between 06.00 and 12.00 as listed? Or is this entry also incorrect?

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    Comment number 10.

    @Blueyorky, superbike999 - We are really sorry for the confusion over the transmission of this match. It was mis-billed as being on Red Button when it was only on Red Button HD and online due to the number of sport and music events on at the same time which were on the Red Button streams. We are really sorry to cause disappointment.

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    Comment number 11.

    @enajh2 @Giles Newman Turner - we're really sorry you were disappointed by the lack of Glastonbury coverage on Red Button after the event. It was competing with a very busy Wimbledon schedule. Highlights were available to watch online, on Connected Red Button via Virgin TiVo, on BBC iPlayer and are broadcast tonight (5 July) on BBC Two from 11.05pm.

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    Comment number 12.

    VictoriaS - can you please explain then why the EPG listings for the Red Button channels were not corrected if no further Glastonbury Festival highlights were to be broadcast?

    Also the broadcasts listed for last night from 21.00-06.00 on the Red Button, that I recorded, only contained Wimbledon coverage.

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    Comment number 13.

    How good that the BBC are showing Wimbledon final in 3D...but.....
    How rediculous that the ONLY platform that has a 3D channel is SKY...therefore: almost EVERYONE that has a 3D TV is with SKY...yet, in their wisdom the BBC do NOT offer 3D on this platform! Come on BBC get your act together!!!

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    Comment number 14.

    I must congratulate your BBC colleague who was sufficiently embarrassed that he couldn't write accurate EPG descriptions such as:
    "Four old farties clowning around on a tennis court, largely avoided by paying spectators. Looped for six hours"
    "This is the same recorded tennis match as on the other Red Button channel, out of sync by 1 set. Both are looped for several repetitions."
    "People sat on the grass watching BBC1's live coverage on a large televison. Not as good as either being on the grass or watching the proper coverage".
    Was there ever any intention to show the listed 21 hours of Glastonbury highlights? If so, who pulled the plug and when? And why did they think that not informing licence payers (I believe other businesses would regard them as "customers") was a good course of action?


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