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Friday 25 October 2013, 12:39

Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds Assistant Editor

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The BBC iPlayer app has now been downloaded more than 20 million times  (in the press release there's a list of the most popular programmes and days). This was reported by Metro (which has some nice infographics) and the Telegraph ("BBC iPlayer viewers abandon computers for smartphones and tablets"). Quote from the Telegraph:

"Mobile devices accounted for 40pc of the 176 million requests for television programmes in September, versus 33pc on computers.

It represents a watershed in a rapid shift in online viewing habits. A year ago smartphones and tablets accounted for only 25pc of viewing, compared to 47pc on computers. Three years ago only 6pc of requests for programmes came from mobile devices.

The switch will be seen as significant both by the BBC, which recently announced a new strategy that put iPlayer at the centre of its plans, and by the wider sector, which is scrambling to keep up with the migration of away from PCs to mobile devices."

  iplayer downloads.jpg For more infographics see the Metro story on BBC iPlayer app downloads

The BBC recently announced plans to have a Controller of BBC iPlayer. From the press release, here's a quote from Danny Cohen:

"From now on I want us to think of BBC iPlayer as having the same status and value as a linear channel service. In essence, it becomes our fifth channel, creating and sharing content alongside our linear services."

A new deal with PACT which includes the extension of BBC iPlayer’s free-to-air catch-up window from seven to 30 days was also announced.

If you'd like to give your thoughts about the BBC's plans for the future (which include enhancing BBC iPlayer) there's a "Where Next?" survey on the About the BBC website. 

The Register reports: "BBC to spaff £18 MILLION of licence fee cash... on BIG DATA". Quote:

"'The BBC is looking for a framework of suppliers to provide web and data analytics tools and services, and associated activities,' the tender stated.

The framework will be split into two lots: the first is a single supplier lot for a core analytics platform designed to provide "insight" into web reporting, advanced predictive analytics and regulatory reporting requirements.

This is worth between £6.3m to £9.9m for the supplier that wins the only seat on the framework.

The second lot is a multi-supplier framework which covers enhanced reporting and analytics tools, worth between £5.5m and £7.92m."

If you like "drones" you may be interested in the first conference on "Unmanned Aircraft Systems" in broadcast use which will be hosted by BBC R&D on 31st October.

And finally, Andrew Leimdorfer put together a Storify covering last week's #newsHACK.

Have a nice weekend.

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    Comment number 1.

    Does this replace the Dan Taylor Blog which is closed to new comments?

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    Comment number 2.

    Hi Figgerty - I'm afraid it doesn't (as this post doesn't mention iPlayer downloads). All blog posts including Dan's are closed for comments automatically after a month. You can find Dan Taylor's latest comments on iPlayer downloads here.


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    Comment number 3.

    Nick, thanks for replying. I believe I saw a comment or two from you in Dan's Blog, that is why I thought it was the new Blog. The old Blog does not mention why it is closed nor if new comments or updates are elsewhere. A very bad state of affairs for a company that prides itself on communication.

    I'm looking for new comments and updates on iPlayer Downloads, not the old stuff. Updates on things that Dan and his team are supposed to be looking into for us viewers.

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    Comment number 4.

    Hi Figgerty - I'm sure that when Dan has something new to say he will post again on the blog. In the meantime if you need help with iPlayer downloads try these help pages.


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    Comment number 5.

    Hello Nick
    As you will have noted from the comments in Dan Taylor's blog, a lot of people are having problems with this new iPlayer Downloads. I have not been able to start a single download since it was rolled out without warning over a month ago. I think it's probably something to do with the directories used for the program and its downloads, but there's a real dearth of support and information. Is there any update about the timetable for fixing all these problems or better still bringing back the old iPlayer Desktop, which actually worked most of the time?


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