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Tuesday 12 November 2013, 09:51

James Metcalfe James Metcalfe Senior Product Manager

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It has been nearly 5 months since the BBC Weather app launched on Android and iOS devices. There’s been a fantastic response with over 3.7 million downloads.

We have received some excellent feedback from users, with the launch generating nearly 6000 feedback emails, and over 32000 store reviews… that’s an average of nearly 260 comments a day. By far the majority of these have been positive, with over 31000 4 and 5 star reviews on playstore.

We have been reviewing and responding to as many of these comments as possible. Thanks to your feedback in true Agile fashion we have been able to prioritise a number of improvements to make the apps even better.

The biggest change is we’ve introduced the ability to rotate your tablet device to view the app in landscape. This is especially challenging for the multitude of Android Devices, so we have focused on a scalable design which one of our UX designers will cover in a blog post soon.

Also today the app has been released to the iPad store as it was previously only available as an iPhone app. This update also includes some style adjustments for iOS7 so the app utilizes some familiar design layout and buttons.

weather ipad.jpg BBC Weather on iPad and iPhone

Since the Android app scales for tablets, we have been able to release the app for the Android based Amazon Kindle devices. This release for Android includes some changes to the way we handle location, including the ability to disable the current location detection as requested by many users, and is available for iOS in the phone Location settings.

In time for the winter months, this update also links the apps to the Met Office National UK Weather warnings, as displayed on our website.

In order to scale the apps for tablets we have included new weather ambience backgrounds, which improve contrast and include night versions to better reflect the conditions at the time of day.

Finally, we have included the ability to share the forecast with friends via social networks all from within the app.

As ever, we will keep monitoring your feedback and response to these changes to further improve the BBC’s offer on mobiles and tablets.

James Metcalfe is a Senior Product Manager, BBC Weather

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    Comment number 1.

    for me the crucial missing info is a "feels like" temp, that takes into account the windchill factor.

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    Comment number 2.

    Hi guys,

    Love the app guys. An update I'd love to see, would be notifications of weather warnings. I don't check the app daily, but having important information like that pushed to me would be pretty nice...


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    Comment number 3.

    Glad there's now an iPad version. I'd like to see locations synced via iCloud between the iPhone and iPad version. Agree with Steve Day; notifications of weather warnings would be good.

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    Comment number 4.

    Great Info. Thanks for the your effort. Appreciate it.

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    Comment number 5.

    Ahhhh, you've removed the three-day embeddable widget! The one that used to be available at URLs like:

    Please bring it back to the same URL! It's an awesome little widget that's not easily found anywhere else and many hundreds of sites are linking to it and will need changing at great time and expense!

    Don't remove features which are working and people are using - please!!

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    Comment number 6.

    Hi All, Thanks for the feedback.

    We are currently working on a project to improve the weather warnings for all our online products. We have UK text warnings at the moment, but will keep your comments in mind as we improve this area of our site.

    Stefan: Appreciate your frustration. The weather site has been migrated to a new version over the past two years which has included the move to a new locations system making the old modules incompatible. Due to the maintenance issues that have arisen as a result of the external modules during this migration, we are no longer providing the embed modules at this time. We do provide RSS feeds from our new site using the RSS button, and have increased our provision for users on all devices.
    We are also looking at ways to provide more sustainable sharing options in the future.


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    Comment number 7.

    As Stefan mentions - the removal of the BBC 'embed' weather iFrame option is causing lots of sites to break! It's a shame that a replacement wasn't made available before you turned things off :¬(

    I can see lots of local community websites displaying broken weather iFrames because of this - it's a shame the BBC couldn't have notified users somehow rather than just removing things and added a redirect.

    If anyone knows of a clean script to display the weather using the BBC RSS feed adding weather icons etc. please let me know.

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    Comment number 8.

    Update - re. removal of BBC embed weather script...

    The best replacement I've found for my community/village websites is a script from ''.
    It works well and is flexible to configure. I've put a demo here:

    Hopefully the BBC will bring back an official version soon! :¬)
    It seems you are only focusing on apps these days and have forgotten about websites...


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