Nish Kumar

Fresh from the Fringe

Jason Cook (writer and star of BBC Two's new sitcom Hebburn) hosts a showcase of the best new acts from the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe. Featuring stand-up from Nish Kumar, Celia Pacquola and Dan Schreiber, character comedy from Kieran Hodgson and music from Jonny & The Baptists and Mae Martin.

This new programme brings the funniest, brightest and most exciting new comedy acts from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe directly to BBC Radio 4 and red button audiences. Acts have been chosen from this year's performers, including those taking part via the Free Fringe schemes.

The programme was recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House. The red button show includes irreverent interviews from each act, to introduce them to the viewing public - some for the very first time.

To find out more go to BBC Radio 4 Fresh from the Fringe

Available on all platforms

Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:
Mon 22nd October, 7:00pm-12:15am
Tue 23rd October, 4:30am-6:00am, 6:00am-10:00pm
Wed 24th October, 3:00pm-7:30pm, 10:00pm-6:00am
Thu 25th October, 6:00am-6:00am
Fri 26th October, 6:00am-12:00pm, 5:00pm-7:00pm, 9:00pm-3:55am

Maddy (Aimee Kelly) and Rhydian (Bobby Lockwood)

CBBC: Wolfblood Extra

Press red from 20th October to join Chris and Dodge T. Dog as they guide you through a totally top-drawer CBBC Wolfblood Extra special!

Hacker goes behind-the-scenes on the Wolfblood set, we find out all about Maddy's "fang-tastic" makeup routine, the Three Ks drop-by Dodge's kennel, and Chris and Dodge warm up their tonsils as they sing their very own Wolfblood song!

Plus you can read Chris and Dodge's blog, check out the answers to some of your questions, read your horoscopes and see if the jokes that made Chris and Dodge LOL will have the same effect on you.

Go on, press red... You know you want to!

Available on all platforms

Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:
Sat 20th October, 9:05am-2:30pm
Sun 21st October, 10:30am-6:00pm
Mon 22nd October, 7:00am-7:00pm

Antiques Roadshow Play Along

Fiona Bruce

Fancy yourself as an armchair antiques expert? Demonstrate your knowledge by playing along with Antiques Roadshow. Our new valuation game launched with the start of this new series. It's simple, fun and free to play. All you have to do is consider each of the objects featured in the programme, select an option before our experts give their valuation and see how many you get right.

Play along with the BBC One programme by pressing red and using the colour buttons on your remote control to select a value. Will you be a novice, enthusiast, connoisseur or expert? Play along to find out and tweet your scores to #antiquesroadshow

Available on Sky/Freeview

Sun 21st October, 8:00pm-9:00pm

Strictly Come Dancing

Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly

Press your red button to join former Strictly champion and professional dancer Karen Hardy with celebrity friend Katy Brand as they commentate live on the couples' performances. Expect a mixture of insight and irreverence as they give you the heads up on who's hot and who's not on the dancefloor before the judges have their say.

Available on all platforms:

Sat 20th October, 6:30pm-8:25pm

Dragons' Den

(L-R) Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Devey, Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones

It's a new series and a new raft of keen entrepreneurs are about to enter the Den and make a pitch for an investment that could make their business - and change their lives.

Here on the Red Button we get to peek behind the scenes and get the inside story on the investments made in the Den each week. What attracted the Dragons to the business? What did the other Dragons make of the deals? And why did the entrepreneurs take the deal they did in the Den?

Available on all platforms

Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:
Sun 21st October, 9:55pm-4:00am
Tue 23rd October, 12:15am-1:25am

CBeebies Red Button

BBC Red Button welcomes younger viewers and grown-ups with a sense of adventure to the big, bright and fun world of CBeebies interactive!

Your children's favourite characters are at the heart of the interactive TV experience. Satellite and digital terrestrial viewers will have slightly different offerings from one another. This has enabled the Red Button team to offer the best games tailored to each system.

CBeebies Red Button is available on the CBeebies channel, and via page 5900 on other channels.

CBeebies website

Available on Freeview and Sky only

BBC Sport

Catch up on all the latest Sport via the BBC Red Button.

Please note that Red Button sport timings are subject to change at short notice.

For the latest information refer to the BBC Sport website.


  • World Triathlon: Highlights of the men's and women's races from Auckland.
  • American Football: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions.
  • Rugby Union: Scrum V - Newport-Gwent Dragons v Ulster.

**Note all Red Button times are subject to change at short notice

Red Button Changes

The video component of BBC Red Button on Sky, FreeSat and Virgin Media has been reduced from five to one stream, bringing it in line with the BBC's Freeview offer. We are doing this because these services rely entirely on linear broadcast technologies, which are not cost-effective for an interactive service like the red button.

This change in no way signals the demise of BBC Red Button. The BBC is committed to maintaining a vibrant and popular red button service. 20 million people a month press red on the BBC and our ambition is to develop the service and increase the size of our audience.

To find out more about the changes and the BBC's plans for the future of Red Button, which includes Connected Red Button, visit the BBC Internet Blog and the BBC's Red Button help pages

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  • Comment number 6. Posted by DGlife

    on 3 Nov 2012 13:15

    This doesn't seem to being well publicised but the BBC trust is carrying out another review of the red button and online services

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  • Comment number 5. Posted by DGlife

    on 31 Oct 2012 14:52

    If you are well off with unlimited and good fast broadband then you will be able to watch through your web connected tv, computer, smart phone or any other expensive gadget.

    Alternatively if you are poor with a restricted download allowance, live in a rural area with a lousy connection or not be able to afford the latest gadgets you will be, I believe the polite way of saying it is - stuffed.

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  • Comment number 4. Posted by usernamefood

    on 23 Oct 2012 17:27

    What will happen is that you be told during Wimbledon to watch streams on a BBC sport app or the website

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  • Comment number 3. Posted by Sue_Aitch

    on 21 Oct 2012 07:51

    @1 The Licence Fee Freeze means there have to be cutbacks.

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  • Comment number 2. Posted by hug46

    on 21 Oct 2012 03:17

    This comment was removed because it broke the house rules. Explain

  • Comment number 1. Posted by NotjustFooty

    on 20 Oct 2012 08:55

    Im very dissapointed that the Red button is being scaled back to one broadcast. The excuse of linear broadcasts being to expensive seems like hypocracy when the BBC used about 30 linear broadcasts for each Olympic sport from A-Z without any hesitation during the games, most of which I dare say were watched by a handful of people where as if they continued to broadcast F1, MotoGP and other sports im sure the viewing figures would more than weigh up the costs of linear broadcasts. I regularly watch MotoGP and F1 as well as other programmes so surely fans are going to loose out? Here's a cost saving measure, cut out the hours of F1 forum which just drags on anyway! Watching sport on the tv as opposed to on the laptop is a real bonus so i would actually back the BBC to use the red button more not less! Its a fantastic platform for sport and other programmes, I've enjoyed watching m'sport qualifying, triathalon and cycling on it this year so if its to be reduced because something like Wolfblood extra is on, that would be a real shame. I would ask the BBC that if there is no re-consideration for this, then please make improvements to i-player on Virgin media because often there is the option to watch something again online but not via virgin media, i dont know why this is but it would be a good if I could watch qualifying later the same day on i-player if I missed the live broadcast and it were not available on the red button.

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