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If you’re a third party developer who builds services for the BBC it’s likely you will have used the Future Media and Standards And Guidelines website. The site is the home for the BBC’s technical and accessibility standards for web development.

Today Standards and Guidelines has changed. We’ve removed a dozen guidelines that were out-of-date, cross-linked much of the design information to its sister site www.bbc.co.uk/gel, changed the colour and font of the site to bring it more in line with GEL and removed some broken links.

The home page of the refreshed site

Standards and Guidelines is currently built on flat html. The next phase of its redevelopment will be to bring it onto the BBC’s content management system iSite. We’re looking for input both from internal and external developers on suggestions for improvement and the results should be a better looking and simpler Standards and Guidelines launching in spring 2014.

In the meantime if you use Standards and Guidelines and you spot something we’ve missed, please do leave a comment.

Jonathan Murphy is a Senior Editorial Deveelopment Manager in BBC Future Media

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