The ideas wall at a recent Connected Studio

The next couple of weeks are set to be very busy for the Connected Studio team as we prepare for a new year which will involve our back to back Creative Studios - BBC iPlayer and News.

We are still in the middle of our BBC Sport events which I will be posting a full update on soon but for now I am very happy to say that the iPlayer Innovation Brief has been released today and can be found on the Connected Studio site.

The iPlayer product team has focused on three themes:

1. Encouraging users in a continuous experience - what's the easiest and most natural journey from one programme to the next or deeper into related content?

2. Reminding users there's a smart alternative - how could iPlayer remind existing users to return more often? How can iPlayer reach out to users wherever they are? How can existing users help to make the first experience of non-users less overwhelming?

3. Enabling the discovery of hidden treasures - how can we make the browsing experience better, uncovering less obvious gems for new audiences?

A very important thing to note when getting to grips with this Brief is that the iPlayer team are not looking for dual screen/companion ideas or ideas that focus on individual programmes, but rather enhancements that scale across the product.

They will of course consider ideas for specific devices or platforms if they answer the challenges above.

We are now open to applications and details of how to get involved are on our website. The iPlayer Creative Studio does have the potential to fill up quickly - one way to keep right up to date is to join our mailing list, which you can do by emailing

Please find details of our event schedule below:

  • December 18-19: Sport Build Studio - Salford
  • January 22: TV iPlayer Creative Studio - London
  • January 21: News Creative Studio - London
  • February 11-12: TV iPlayer Build Studio - London
  • February 13-14: News Build Studio - London
  • February 21: Knowledge and Learning Creative Studio - Salford
  • March 5: Radio and Music Creative Studio - London
  • March 13-14: Knowledge and Learning Build Studio - Salford
  • April 23-24: Radio and Music Build Studio - London

If you would like to know more about Creative Studio pilots now in development Eleni Sharp, Senior Product Manager for Homepage has been working with Red Badger on their HPSN pilot Now and has written a great blog on how they are getting on.

Adrian Woolard is Programme Lead, BBC Connected Studio.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by Riz

    on 2 Dec 2012 13:38

    I have tweeted to you this as well but here it is again in case that tweet fails to reach you:

    Why are audio levels referenced to 0dBFS at iPlayer apps on TVs or PVRs instead of being referenced to 6PPM (-10dBFS) as it is the case on broadcasts?

    The present setup means that when a user switches to an episode on iPlayer from one on TV the audio level is 10dB higher and needs to adjust the audio level of his TV set.

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