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Hi I’m Matt Shearer, delivery manager for Future Media News. I manage the delivery of the News Product and I also lead on BBC News Labs.

I recently wrote about BBC News Labs and the BBC News Juicer.

The News Juicer is a platform that digests what we publish on, ‘Juices’ key pieces of information from this content (‘People’, ‘Places’ and ‘Organisations’) and finally adds these as ‘Tags’ against each News article.

We can then arrange content using these tags.The News Juicer has ‘Juiced’ more than 83,000 BBC News and Sport articles published between 2001 and now and this provides BBC News with a great dataset to experiment and test product concepts.

I am pleased to announce that The BBC News Juicer will be making an appearance at Yahoo! Hack Europe in London on 27 and 28 April when participating developers can get access to our APIs.

If you are taking part in the event you will be able to take advantage of more than 83,000 linked data-tagged BBC News and Sport articles using DBpedia identifiers for People, Place, Organisation and ‘Theme’.

We are really pleased to be taking part in this event, and this represents a key step in exposing News Labs’ activities to the wider industry. We plan to do more of these types of innovation events and to stay abreast of our developments, you can follow @BBC_News_Labs on Twitter.

Special thanks to Murray Rowan at Yahoo as well as BBC News & Knowledge, Online Technology Group, BBC Linked Data Platform and BBC Connected Studio for their continuing support and to Mashery for their great toolset.

Matt Shearer is delivery manager for BBC Future Media News.

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